The SS Maria was a Brunanter ship that sunk off the coast of Stephen Headland in Sylvania.


The SS Maria was a metal-hulled steamship built in 1894. In in 1910 commissioned to move the possessions of Joseph of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, the crown princess' husband. Apart from bringing his personal possessions it also carried other valuables on board. On July 19 1910 the ship was making its way around the Stephen Headland when it hit a reef. The ship remained grounded but soon it began to capsize. The crew on board managed to abandon ship but everything else was lost and the ship sunk to the bottom.



There have been attempts to recover the treasure on board. Shortly after the sinking, a fisherman recovered one of the painting by Neyt but its whereabouts are now unknown. It is widely assumed that the rest of the paintings are now lost. The movement of the currents resulted in many roman coins washing up on the beach in 1921, which now reside in the King Joseph Library.

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