Former hamlet
Name Ryshembrock
Hexacode OC-OS-01
Population 0
Language(s) Lovian English, Oceana
Next to Bardeyow, Skelington
Saint(s) Andrew the Apostle

An abandoned home in Ryshembrock.

Ryshembrock (IPA: /'rʌʃəmbrɑ:k/; Oceana: [ˈrʌʃɛmbrokˠ]) is a former Lovian hamlet and current peripheral block near present-day Bardeyow, Southern Oceana. Founded in 1877, it is the oldest known settlement of Oceana, although it is very likely there have been earlier settlements near the Beaver River mouth. South of Ryshembrock, on the coast, Ryshembrock-Harbor lay. At its peak in 1955, the hamlet had 218 inhabitants. After the economic crisis of the fifties, this number had declined to merely 75 inhabitants. In 1979, the hamlet was abandoned when the last family moved to Bardeyow.

The hamlet was named after the Slovak city of Ružomberok. Historically, the following names have been recorded: Rosenberg, Ruzhomberok, Rushenberg, Rushenbrok, Rushenbroch, and Rushembrock.

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There are plans to create new farmlands in the forestal areas near Ryshembrock. The former hamlet has been appointed as a growth hamlet or a peripheral block and has 46 inhabitants according to the 2014 census, making it the largest peripheral block in Oceana.


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