Name Rybachye
Population [1]
Language(s) Lovian English, Russian
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Rybachye (also spelt Rybachie) is a Lovian hamlet in the state of Seven. Rybachye is located on British Island, on the eastern coast of the island. The village was founded in 1925 by Russian immigrants. The name derives from the Russian word рыба meaning 'fish,' indicating the main purpose of the settlement.

By the 1970s Rybachye had been almost entirely abandoned, with only a few fishermen remaining, due to its isolation from the rest of Lovia. After the reopening of the Seven State Railway, however, which stopped at the hamlet, population growth began once again, and in 2013 Rybachye regained its hamlet status.

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References and notes Edit

  1. Census of 2013

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