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Rybachie RS Sign
Rybachie Railway Station

The station house

Name Rybachie Railway Station
Built 1892 - 1893
Location Philosopher's Island, Seal of Seven Seven
Line(s) Seal of the Seven State Railway Seven State Railway
Platforms 2
Tracks 2
Owner Government of Seven
Administration Seven State Department of Transportation

Rybachie Station is a minor station located on the Seven State Railway on the north side of Philosopher's Island near the Nielsen Bridge. It was the endpoint of the original line built by Nikolai Sharapov, and the one of the few surviving remnants of a former settlement, Rybachye. Originally, it remained a functioning station merely for historical interest and for the use of tourists who wished to hike from the station (a small museum is also located nearby) but the opening of the station caused population of the settlement to grow once again. Rybachye regained hamlet status in 2013.

In 2011, it was opened officially as part of the new and completed line Kinley-Novosevensk line.

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