Rusty Love
Rusty Love

Album by Amy Cheyenne

Type studio album
Released 1998
Recorded October 1998
Genre country, western rock
Producer Lovilago Music > Lovilago West

Rusty Love is a Lovian 1998 country and western music album by Lovian singer-songwriter Amy Cheyenne. The album meant her decisive breakthrough in the Lovian music scene after her debute hadn't proven a great commercial success. Rusty Love is a rock album with many references to the American Southwest and Route 66 and with many country-western influences.

Track list Edit

# Song Length Comments
1 Rusty Love 8:20
2 Shotgun Boogie 2:38 ft. Tennessee Ernie Ford
3 Sunday Rebels and Monday Thieves 3:58
4 Never Alone 6:01
5 Blue (instrumental) 2:05
6 Left For Dead 4:40
7 The Broker 4:21
8 Please Don't Tease 3:00 ft. Cliff Richard
9 Maniac 7:10
10 Still Life 3:51
11 Queen In Town 4:02
12 Queen In Town (upbeat version) 3:49
13 Sunset at Beaver River Crossing 9:00

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