Rosendorp seal


Name Rosendorp
Population 278
Language(s) English, Bredish
Location Asian Island, Seal of Clymene Clymene
Next to Seal of Portland Plains
Rosendorp sign

Rosendorp is a mid-sized hamlet west of Plains on the north coast of Asian Island, in the state of Clymene. Rosendorp has 278 inhabitants, increasing for the last 15 years according to the Clymene Census Agency.

Rosendorp was founded by in 1910 by inhabitants of Plains. It is therefore one of the newer hamlets in Clymene. It was founded after the peak of the gold rush, and therefore more stable and balanced in terms of economy and sustainability. It is not a stereotypical "boomtown", and has always prospered. Most inhabitants commute to Plains or work in the fishing industry. There is a small harbor and a couple of shops in Rosendorp. The village has a traditional Scottish feel, and was influenced by people from Galloway, Scotland in terms of architecture and customs.

Most people speak Bredish to a minimal extent.


There are five shops in Rosendorp, of which three are touristic. Tourists can make sea trips by motorboat with a guide. There is one church in Rosendorp.


Out of a population of 260 inhabitants, the makeup of the town is 68% of Anglo-Saxon origin, 23.4% of Germanic/other European origin and 8.6% or other origins, mostly Asian.

In regards to age, the mean age in Rosendorp is 46 years, with a majority of the population consisting of adults and the elderly.

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