Rob Quince Identity
Name Rob Quince
Full name Robert Jackson Quince
Sex Male Male
Born June 2, 1944, Seal of Train Village Train Village
Home Seal of Train Village Train Village
Functions Former mayor of Train Village, fisherman
Languages English
Calvinist Protestant

Robert 'Rob' Jackson Quince(June 2, 1944) is a former Lovian politician and mayor of Train Village from 1980 to 2002. He was part of TV Freedom Party

Quince was born in Train Village, the youngest son of Jack Quince, a doctor, and Robyn Anderson. He went to study at Blackburn University, Noble City. Quince, despite his education, became a fisherman like his father, and spent most of the week away from home fishing with his father somewhere on Peace Island.

Private lifeEdit

In 1985, he married his girlfriend. Currently, he lives with his wife in Train Village. Rob has no children. He was mayor from 1980 until 2002.