Rico Wasabi

Rico Wasabi anno 2012

Rico Wasabi (born Puerto Rico 1983) is a famous Puerto Rican-Lovian martial artist, mixed-martial arts fighter (MMA) and movie actor. He always does his own stunts and is described as "the Lovian Jackie Chan". He is known for his role in the movie WSFMA.

In 2012, he, in his own words, "pulled a Schwarzenegger" by entering politics.

Also, in 2012, Wasabi became one of the nations three Supreme Court judges. His reaction: "nice!"



Rico Wasabi will play the role of the title character in the upcoming film Wasabi Super Fight Movie Adventure. It is based on the books and tv series by the same name. He and his personal friend Thomas R. Wang often cast together. In 2015 he starred in action film Black Ops: Termination.


Wasabi joined the CCPL in late 2011 and was elected into Congress in the 2012 elections. Not because he is such a qualified politician (far from it) but mostly because of his popularity as an actor and martial artist. He said: "I may not be capable of winning any debates, but I can sure as hell kick the ass of every single congressman. Except maybe for Ygo August Donia, because he's totally awesome".


Wasabi has dated a great variety of actresses, models and socialites over the years, but he has said he wishes not to be tied to one woman at the moment and enjoy his freedom for a while longer, "I know, I know, that's not very Christian of me, haha". In February 2013 Wasabi announced he was "in a relationship" but refused to give any further details saying: "my private life, I firmly believe, is to remain private".

Supreme Court JudgeEdit

In May of the year 2012, Wasabi was elected by congress as one of the nations three Supreme Court Judges. Wasabi has released a press statement saying he "takes his legal duties very serious".

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