Richard Byron Marcus Henry Alfred Donia-McCrooke, also known as Ricky Donia and Ricky McCrooke (born March 1, 2010), is the only son of Pierlot McCrooke and Dalia Donia. The child was conceived before Pierlot and Dalia were married. At the moment of Ricky's birth, they were already divorced. Ricky's birth caused some controversy in Lovia.

Ricky Donia was the cause of the McCrooke v. Donia Trial. Because McCrooke divorced his wife Dalia when she was pregnant, her father August Magnus Donia began a fight with Ricky's father, McCrooke.

Ricky was adopted in 2010 by Dalia's new husband, with McCrooke's knowledge and approval.

Birth Edit

The delivery of Ricky was without problem, by a planned caesarian section. He was born a healthy boy weighing in at 10 pounds. He his named after a paternal great-uncle, Richard Charles McCrooke (1941), to whom Ricky's father was very close.

Adoption plans Edit

As Ricky McCrooke-Donia might cause a political scandal, father McCrooke and grandfather Donia have been talking about a possible adoption. In October 2010 Dalia Donia married Prince Andrew Glücksburg-Ramsley and he adopted Ricky as his son. With this the controversy came to a permanent end.

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