Richie Roxas Identity
Name Richie Roxas
Full name Richard Dakila Roxas
Sex Male Male
Born January 13, 1979, Downtown, Hurbanova, Oceana, Lovia
Parents Felipe Roxas (1950-now) and Aisa Roxas (nee Banoy, 1953-now)
Home Downtown, Hurbanova, Oceana, Lovia
Functions Chef, Internet and television personality
Party affiliation Independent
Languages English, Filipino, Oceana
Roman Catholic

Richard Dakila "Richie" Roxas (January 13, 1979) is a Filipino-Lovian chef and Internet and television personality currently working as a spokesman for Kaboom TV and its parent group, Clarity Studios. He is mostly known for his former cooking website, which made national history for being the first major Lovian website on the Internet, being made on September 1, 1997.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Roxas was born on January 13, 1979 in the Downtown area of Hurbanova, Oceana as the eldest out of four children to Filipino immigrants Felipe Roxas, a local cook and entrepreneur from the metro area of Manila and Aisa Roxas (nee Banoy), a housewife from a village near Manila. At a very early age, his father and mother's cooking and traditions significantly influenced him, immediately making him want to pursue a lifetime culinary career. He was home-schooled by his mother for a majority of his early years, consisting of all of primary school, and some of secondary school. He attended a local secondary school after the age of 12 after his mother gained a job as a security guard in a local supermarket, taking up all of her free time home-schooling him.

He later attended Blackburn University in Newhaven, and graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor's Degree in Asian Studies.

The founding of EatFilipino Edit

Around July of 1997, Roxas's family purchased a Macintosh computer, letting him gain access to the early Internet. Due to his general awkwardness around other students of his secondary school, he decided to create, an educational Filipino/general Asian cooking website in order to "teach them a valuable lesson in cultured cooking, as well as trying to gain some well-deserved acquaintances and friends along the way," as he said in the FAQ section of his site. His site gained national attention after obtaining a decent following in the early 2000's as the first major Lovian website on the air, and has won multiple Internet awards. The site continued to gain a significant amount of viewers and followers for the next decade until he stopped making new updates in May of 2011.

TV performances Edit

In 2004, he began making around 3-minute cooking tips which was broadcasted on Kaboom 1. He is still doing this today.

Personal life Edit

He married American-Lovian actress Ashlei Lynda Elsemann in 2008, and the couple has had no children as of 2015.

Roxas himself is a devout Roman Catholic, as is tradition in his family.