Name Reptin
Full name en: The Kingdom of Raptin
ri: Repften, Kongliechns von Raipftn
Capital Marlai, Altsjtad[1]
Official language(s) Ripuarian[2]
Population 600
Demonym Reptinish
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Reptin (official English name: The Kingdom of Raptin, official and original Ripuarian name: Repften or Kongliechns von Raipftn) is a small Ripuarian language wiki nation in the Pacific Ocean near Australia. The capital is Marlai, other important towns are Ainletz, Kuuen, Ochrkuln and Tsoibrn. Well-known destinations of many Lovians are Pierlotshaabn, Aidzopoes'shaabn and Dimitrihaabn, all named after famous Lovians. The country has about 600 inhabitants and is not densely populated, except the largest island Konglaank (King's Island).

History Edit

Reptin has a long history starting in prehistoric times.

Second World War Edit

Reptin tried to be indepent in the Second World War, but was occupied by Germany. In 1945 hundreds of bombardeers went from Britain to Reptin and destroyed thousands of houses. A complete town called Noisjtad was destroyed. Over 8,000 people were killed, of which 5,000 were children. Almost the complete youngest generation of the kingdom was killed, which caused the number of inhabitants to decline severely. At the end of the war there were still 4,000 people, and nowadays only 600. The scarves of the Second World War can be seen everywhere in the kingdom. Many houses still carry the damage and there are over 50 major monuments for the victims and those who survived.

References Edit

  1. The official capital is Altsjtad, but practically it's Marlai, because Altsjtad has become a neighborhood of Marlai.
  2. Some towns also have other languages, like English or Limburgish, as official town languages.

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