Reginald Holmburg Identity
Reginald Holmburg
Name Reginald Holmburg
Sex Male Male
Born November 11, 1930, Flag of Germany Leipzig, Germany
Spouse Lucienne Hart
Home Seal of Noble City Noble City
Functions Lawyer
University professor
Languages German, Yiddish, English, Hebrew

Reginald Holmburg (November 11, 1930, Leipzig) is a German-born American-Lovian university professor and researcher in social sciences. He was born out of a Jewish family, which had to move to the United Kingdom in 1935. He has lived in Belgium for a short period too. In 1955 he and his Dutch wife Lucienne Hart moved to the United States. Until 1994 he was associated with the University of Yale, Connecticut. He then moved to Lovia, where he became active as a Nobel University researcher. He now teaches several courses at Blackburn University, and conducts research at the Blackburn Royal Center for Religious Survey.

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