Raoul Hlan Identity
Name Raoul Hlan
Full name Raoul Mark Lukash Hlan
Sex Male Male
Born October 28, 1953, Seal of Hurbanova Hurbanova
Home Seal of Hurbanova Hurbanova
Functions Politician, car wash service, LGBT-activist
Party affiliation CCPL (formerly)
Languages English, Oceana
Roman Catholic
Member of the Congress
Term 2011 Second Congress
2012 Congress
2014 Congress

Raoul Hlan is a former Lovian politician. He is a former member of the Conservative Christian Party of Lovia. Apart from his political activities, Hlan is the owner of a car wash service and a gay bar, Back Room, in Drake Town.

Biography Edit

Hlan was a member of CCPL since its very earliest beginning and was known as one of the politicians who did everything by the book. Hlan has been involved in charity, as well as cultural activities in Oceana.

In early 2015, a picture was taken of Raoul Hlan kissing another man in an alley in Hurbanova. As a consequence, he was requested to either give up his seat in Congress or leave CCPL altogether. Hlan decided to keep his seat and as a result he was ousted from CCPL. Eventually he noticed that a one-man party was too much work combined to his other activities and returned the seat to CCPL.

Family Edit

Hlan is a bachelor man and has no children.

Carreer Edit

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