Ramani Kapoor Identity
Name Ramani Kapoor
Sex Female Female
Born 8 March, 1967, Portland, Seal of Kings Kings
Spouse Marc Remnick
Children Elsie Remnick
Home Newhaven, Seal of Kings Kings
Functions Environmentalist, architect, linguist, businesswoman
Languages English, Punjabi, Italian, French, German

Ramani Kapoor (born 8 March, 1967) is a Lovian environmentalist, architect and linguist. She is also a member of United Left and is active in her local community, campaigning for environmental awareness and conservation. Kapoor is also the founder and CEO of Concordia Architecture, a Newhaven based company designing environmentally sustainable buildings, in addition to teaching languages in schools throughout Kings.

Biography Edit

Ramani Kapoor was born in Portland, Kings on the March 8, 1967. Her parents were both from Northern India, and had emigrated to Lovia four years previously. Her family were not particularly well off, and often struggled to get by.

Kapoor excelled academically at school, particularly in the subjects of Art and Languages. She studied Architecture and Linguistics at Nobel University. After graduating, she worked for a Hurbanova based environmental architecture agency. Kapoor also volunteered for several NGOs and charities and spent a short period teaching modern languages at a high school in Portland

In 2008, Kapoor founded Concordia Architecture, a Newhaven based company designing environmentally sustainable buildings. The company have won several awards for their sustainability, and Kapoor has since helped many small businesses and architectural agencies.

In 2013, Kapoor joined United Left, and became active within the party's activities in her home state of Kings, supporting UL candidate Marcel Cebara in the State Elections, 2013.

Personal life Edit

Kapoor lives with her partner, Marc Remnick, in Newhaven. They have one daughter, Elsie, who was born in 1996. Kapoor is an agnostic.