Rain King with Frank Blythe

The members of Rain King performing together with Frank Blythe.

Rain King is a drone music project from Sofasi, Clymene. It consists of Adam Bauer and Televisionhead (Florence Hicks), the producers of The Senate and Lorelei. Rain King is signed to Warped Records and the two members frequently produce albums for other bands signed to the label. In addition, Adam Bauer manages We Own the Sky.

Rain King has collaborated with Frank Blythe and Knobtwister

Discography Edit

Albums Edit

  • Sonatas for the Masses Part I (2010)
  • Sonatas for the Masses Part II (2012)
  • The Trans-Siberian Taxi (2012)

Singles Edit

  • Rocknroll
  • Bad Pizza
  • Speed King

 Remixes Edit

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