Queen Amelia of Lovia Identity
Name Queen Amelia of Lovia
Full name Queen Amelia of Lovia, Amelia Bernstein Hoover
Sex Female Female
Born February 18, 1874, United States San Francisco
Deceased January 5, 1949, Noble City
Home Seal of Noble City Noble City
Functions Queen of Lovia (1898-1938)
Languages English, little Dutch

Queen Amelia of Lovia, born Amelia Bernstein Hoover (1874, San Francisco - 1949, Noble City), was the wife of the second ruling monarch of Lovia, King Arthur II of Lovia. She has American-Lovian roots and was the only daughter of George Francis Hoover and Lucinda Bernstein Hoover. She and the King married in 1893 and had two children: Princess Lucy (later known as Queen Lucy I) and Prince Noah.

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  1. Though she had Protestant parents and was baptized. She turned her religion down a year before her marriage with King Arthur II.

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