Pulvis et Umbra (Latin for Dust and Shadows, from a quote by Horatius; "Pulvis et umbra sumus") is a black metal band from Portland, Kings. The band is part of the extreme metal scene in Lovia, centered around the independent label Dynamic Noise

Pulvis et Umbra was founded in 1995 by four friends from Portland. The band was part of a circle of local bands, such as Murderthrone, Transzentalis and Deafening. Two members of Pulvis et Umbra set up the Dynamic Noise label that same year, to release their first EP, "Whenever We Sleep, We Are Pulled Into A Land Of Sorrow".

Pulvis et Umbra member Kurt Johnson commited suicide in 1998.

Associated acts are DTROIT (the solo project of Martin Oldfield, bass player for Pulvis et Umbra) and Nomadic Shadow.

Discography Edit

  • Whenever We Sleep, We Are Pulled Into A Land Of Sorrow
  • Songs for A Suicidal Night
  • Kill Your Crushes
  • Pulvis et Umbra
  • Pulvis et Umbra II

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