Princess Amalia of Brunant Identity
Princess amalia
Name Princess Amalia of Brunant
Full name Maria Amalia Van Draak, Princess of Brunant
Sex Female Female
Born May 7, 1978, Seal of Sofasi Sofasi
Spouse Prince Berthold of Baden
Home Seal of Noble City Noble City; Koningstad
Functions Princess of Brunant, head of the King Joseph Library
Languages English, Dutch, German

Princess Amalia of Brunant (Maria Amalia Van Draak), born 1978, is a Royal Princess. She is fifth in line to the throne of Brunant, and is a distant member of the Royal family of Lovia. She is a first cousin, once removed of King Dimitri I.

Life Edit

Princess Amalia was born in Sofasi, CL (Lovia) to Princess Marie of Brunant and William Van Draak, a Lovian dentist descended from the Royal family. At birth she had both Brunanter and Lovian citizenship. She lived in Sofasi from 1978-1990 and then came to Carrington Island that year. She studied in Koningstad and became a nurse. In 1997, she joined the Royal Guard. First she was a nurse, but in 2001, she joined the Mechanized Warfare Unit as a tank commander (the first woman and nobleperson), which was very rare for such an important royal. There, she met her husband, Prince Berthold of Baden, who was a military strategist with the guard. They married in 2006 and have one son, Prince Johan, who holds three nationalities (German, Lovian, Brunanter). She and her family often come to Lovia, where they live half the year.

Children Edit

Ancestry Edit

This is the blood-related ancestry of Amalia, therefore it does not show her adoptive relatives such as Queen Lucy I.

Princess Amalia Father:
William Van Draak
Paternal Grandfather:
Pieter Joseph Van Draak
Prince of Lovia
Paternal Great-grandfather:
King Joseph
HRH King of Lovia
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Princess Caroline of Brunant
Paternal Grandmother:
Juliana Gábor
Paternal Great-grandfather:
László Gábor
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Carina Zichy von Vásonykeö Batthyany
Princess Marie of Brunant
Maternal Grandfather:
HM King Marten II of Brunant
Maternal Great-grandfather:
HM King Johan II of Brunant
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Queen Elisabeth (E.A. Carson)
Maternal Grandmother:
Queen Aleksandra (Aleksandra Ilava)
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Zledin Ilava
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Anica Ský
  • Note: White colored boxes: Nobility or Royalty
  • Note: Cornsilk colored boxes: civilian

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