Prince Theodore Identity
Prince Theodore
Name Prince Theodore
Full name Prince Theodore of Lovia, Theodore John Noble
Sex Male Male
Born October 12, 1941, Noble City
Deceased October 1, 2000, Singapore
Spouse Princess Sylvia
Home Noble City
Functions Prince of Lovia (1941-2000)
Languages English, French, Spanish, Latin

Prince Theodore of Lovia or Theodore John Noble (October 12, 1941, Noble City - October 1, 2000, Singapore) was a Lovian prince and businessman. He was the first-born child and only son of Prince Noah and Princess Manon of Lovia. Theodore was married to Princess Sylvia and they had three children: Sebastian, Elisabeth, and Joseph.

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Death Edit

He died a mysterious death in Singapore on a business trip. Local police authorities stated Prince Theodore died in a boat accident, but the prince's secretary never affirmed this. In 2006, a private investigator from Singapore claimed Prince Theodore's death was an unforeseen result of a failed government raid on a group of Muslim terrorists residing in the same building the prince was staying. The boat accident was, according to this detective, a cover-up story for the embarrassing truth. Police authorities never responded to these allegations. The cause of death given by the Singaporean authorities is still regarded as true by the Lovian royal family.

Miscellany Edit

Local movie and television directors often noted that Theodore bore a strong resemblance to United States President Gerald Ford. He played bit parts in that role in a couple of domestically produced historical dramas.

Ancestry Edit

Prince Theodore's ancestors in three generations
Prince Theodore,
HRH Prince of Lovia
Prince Noah
HRH Prince of Lovia
Paternal Grandfather:
King Arthur II
HRH King of Lovia
Paternal Great-grandfather:
King Arthur I
HRH King of Lovia
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Queen Anne
HRH Queen of Lovia
Paternal Grandmother:
Queen Amelia
HRH Queen of Lovia
Paternal Great-grandfather:
George Francis Hoover
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Lucinda Bernstein Hoover
Princess Manon
HRH Princess of Lovia
Maternal Grandfather:
Andrew Frederick Ramsley
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Edward A. Ramsley
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Alice Brabham
Maternal Grandmother:
Silvia Coningham
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Sir George Coningham
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Josephine Grable
  • Note: Lavender colored boxes: Ruling Monarch of Lovia
  • Note: Cornsilk colored boxes: civilian

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