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A picture of the post office at the railway.

Post Office Hurbanova or Hurbanova Post Office (local: That Poshten; IPA: /t̪ʰat̪ 'poʃt̪ɛn/) is the only post office building situated in the city of Hurbanova in the state of Oceana in Lovia. It is situated alongside the railway, next to the Hurbanova Railway Station. The Hurbanova Post Office is one of the oldest post offices of Lovia. It has been built in 1882 and served as a miners' house. The building has been severely damaged by the fire of 1884 and needed to be renovated. However, the building wasn't renovated until 1923 when a rich business man moved to Hurbanova. He invested some money in the building and it became a post office. Like most buildings of Hurbanova it's a wooden building.

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