Portrayal was a Lovian art movement that begun around 1919 and ended in 1945. It was a reaction against Traditionalism. The younger artists of Lovia created a new vision on art and its function. They broke with the traditional rules, wich they found 'supressing'. The portrayal artists opened an art gallery in the same street as their rivals. Founder of the movement is the Lovian poet Eliot Denington.

Movement and ideas Edit

The portrayal movement was founded in 1919 as an opposition to traditional art. Portrayal has some similarities to the European art movements of the inter bellum. Portrayal tries to look what is behind reality, just like symbolism. Also, it stresses the experience the audiance gets, which gives portrayal a slight expressionist look. Portrayal artists shows the facts from a different point of view. This usually leads to a deformation of reality and creates a dream-like effect.

In poetry as well as in proza, the portayal artists use a fast ritm and a lot of metafores. Portrayal is a movement that doesn't want to give a simple report of the facts. Portrayal wants to make the audience think about the real life by showing it in an alternative way. All portrayal art makes use of loose asosiation by the spectator. This is a ressemblence with interpretational art.

Members of the portrayal movement Edit

Following is a list of the members of the portrayal movement and their best known artwork.

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