Portland Cricket Club
Date 1952-1981
Nicknames The Lahey club, Porties
Club colors

green and white

Sports Cricket
Chairman several
Headquarters Seal of Bayfield Old Cricket Field, Bayfield, Portland

The Portland Cricket Club was a cricket club based in Portland, Lovia. It was founded in 1952, as the first cricket club in Lovia. The club's home stadium was the Old Cricket Field. It quickly became the best performing team as well, particularly due to the performances of star player Edward Lahey. Though there was no organized cricket league in Lovia at the time, the Portland Cricket Club played against other Lovian teams such as the Noble City Thunderers, and also against overseas teams, such as those of the English counties.

Eventually, the team began to decline, and started to have financial problems. In 1981, the club was forced to dissolve due to bankruptcy. Portland was unrepresented in cricket until 1999, when the Portland New Cricket Club was founded, also playing from the Old Cricket Field. Since 2000, that club competes in the Lovia Cricket League.

Notable players Edit