Plains Forest

The Plains Forest in the spring of 2013.

Plains Forest is a small stretch of land filled with populars and pine trees. It is next to the Plains Boulevard, and close to Plains Beach. It is technically the backyard of The Hood, and in the weekend a popular destination for couples. 

Plains Forest used to be partly marsh, partly wilderness. It was cultivated in the 1940s, but returned to nature in the late 1990s, after citizens called for the institution of a natural area or park. The town council decided to let nature do its work and not maintain the land covered by the Plains Forest. It has layed out a couple of paths in the forest however, to aid hiking and cycling. The state is providing some more funds to add an extenstion of the path to extend to go along the beach.

Many small mammals inhabit the forest, such as rabbits and otters. Introduced species, such as rats, have also taken residence in the forest. The flora and fauna of the forest are not very unique, as is most of the wilderness around Plains.

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