Plains seal proposal

Name Plains
Hexacode CL-SO-PS
Population 3,389
Language(s) English
Location Asian Island, Seal of Clymene Clymene
Nicknames Plainough
Plains sign

Plains is a Lovian village located in the far north of Asian Island. The name comes from the fact that the terrain around the village is fairly flat. People from the village are known as Plainish. Plains is a popular tourist location, as a result of its mild climate, its holiday atmosphere and local monuments and beaches, which some consider a quieter alternative to Adoha. The village is also very into Christmas and is very beautiful around the holidays. The population of the village is 3,389. The village was temporarily under the control of the Burenian military during the Burenian invasion of Lovia.


The main part of the economy of Plains is the agricultural sector, which is the biggest sector in Plains. There are many farms in Plains, the most productive being Aberdeen Farm. Tourism is also a large industry in Plains because Marcus Villanova, the former Secretary of the Department of Tourism and Leisure and Governor of Clymene, invested money in making the village a tourist attraction and selling its "natural culture" and "beauty at the holidays."

There is a small newspaper in Plains which focuses on local events, called the Plainish Post.


The Clymene Central Railway ends in Plains, and runs south through Sofasi to Adoha. The Plains Railway Station is situated in the downtown of the village itself. Highway 5 runs to Plains, coming north from Sofasi as well. There are also several paved roads to the farms nearby, and there is a harbor. The hardened roads are local, two-lane routes that most people use. CTAbus has three lines operating in and around Plains.


In 2010, when the place became a official town with two neighborhoods, Orange Gardens and Downtown Harbor, Congress passed a statute saying it wouldn't become a town. Ferenc Szóhad, now Deputy Governor, was outraged. A few days later, Governor Marcus Villanova reinstated the place as a hamlet as a compromise. However, this would not last, and Plains remained unrecognized.

In 2012, support for recognizing the settlement as a hamlet grew. A statute recognizing Plains as a hamlet was passed by a large majority on February 11. The recognition was applauded by the citizens of Plains and the move was supported by the population of Lovia.

In 2012, many new people came to the at the time large hamlet and it then became a village.

Village MapEdit

Plains Beach Harbor

Plains Boulevard
Plains Forest The Hood
1 Plains Street
*1 George Underhill
2 Plains Street
Charles Jones
1 Plains Boulevard
Jake Mezatir
2 Plains Boulevard
Hotel Plains
* * * *
3 Plains Boulevard
2 Tree Avenue
Plains Beach Shop
4 Market Street
World of Media
6 Market Street
Tree Avenue
Tree Plain Farm
1 Tree Avenue
Plains Church
4 Athens Avenue
Athens Building
3 Market Street
Farmer's Square *2 Plains Primary School
5 Market Street
Aberdeen Farm
2 Athens Avenue
Peace Monument
9 Market Street
Chinese Sam's
6 Athens Avenue
Stirling Cinema
8 Athens Avenue
Lukas Hoffmann
10 Athens Avenue
Athens Avenue
William Farm
1 Athens Avenue
3 Athens Avenue
Szóhad High School
5 Athens Avenue
Federal Property
7 Athens Avenue
LBS Bank
9 Athens Avenue
Plain Balls United
11 Athens Avenue
Plains Railway Station
3 Plains Street
Plains Medical Center
4 Plains Street
Lovian Postal Bureau
1 Normandy Str.
Veloz Health Clubs
2 Normandy Str.
Railway: Clymene Central Railway
  • *1 - Plains Street
  • *2 - Normandy Street

Twinned townsEdit

  • Viking Stamadri, Harvian Islands