Plain Balls United is a football team originating from Plains. It was founded by August Magnus Donia in 1993 and is currently coached by his son Ygo August Donia.
Plain Balls United

Plain Balls United Seal

The team is a well known team, known for its aweful playing style which is described to be: "as ugly as North-Korean football and as ineffective as trying to kill an elephant with a toothbrush". The team completely relies on one single good player: Andrei Molenbeek. Also, Denis Stroganoff is a decent player, the rest is not even worth mentioning.

Team Edit

No. Country Position Player
1 Flag of Russia GK Denis Stoganov
2 Flag of Algeria DF Benid Matsouk
4 PRK DF Lee Dong-il
5 Flag of the Netherlands DF Frank Duisenberg
6 United States MF/DF Ike Farrows
7 United States MF Donald Benson
9 Flag of Belgium FW/MF Sjaak Manneman
10 CGO FW Oedele Mposa
11 Flag of South Africa FW Reynard Beekman
14 Flag of Lovia Small MF Kenny Hork
16 PRK DF Lee Dong-hyok

"Joke" squadEdit

This is the squad that played in the LSCA Major Soccer League 2013. For the LSCA Major Soccer League 2015, this was deemed a "joke" squad due to some of the submitted names, and was not accepted.

No. Player Since Country Position
1 Denis Stroganoff 5 July 2008 Russia GK
2 Beni Matsuki 9 Januari 2009 Algeria DF
3 Alfonso Hütnik 4 December 2001 Turkey DF
4 Long Dong Il 11 December 1998 North-Korea DF
5 Frankie Duisenberg 29 April 2009 the Netherlands DF
6 Ike Furniture 23 June 2007 United States MF/DF
7 Donald Benson 23 June 2006 United States MF
8 Harold Jan Merk 30 March 2009 Netherlands MF
9 Sjefke Mannekens 12 March 2008 Belgium FW/MF
10 Oedele Mposa 12 April 2002 Congo FW
11 Reynhard Beekman 27 September 2009 South-Afrika FW
12 Mkwama Mpwali 6 January 2009 England GK
13 Jimmy Buchaki 13 May 2007 United States DF
14 Kenny Hork 12 May 2009 Lovia MF
15 Quintin Jan Merk 18 March 2010 Netherlands MF
16 Long Dong III 20 November 2005 North-Korea DF

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