Phil Martinez Identity
Phil Martinez
Name Phil Martinez
Full name Phil Diego Rodriguo Martinez
Sex Male Male
Born October 22, 1945, Mexicali
Home Grijzestad
Functions Actor
Languages English, Spanish
Roman Catholic

Phil Diego Rodriguo Martinez (born 1945) is a Mexican-born Brunanter actor who's famous for his role in the Black Ops series as Avery or as Jim. In 1965, he starred in the Lovian movie Agent Zero as Rodrigo, the sidekick of Lincoln, the lead in the movie, played by Pierre Simons. In 1990, he starred in the film Black Ops IV: Jungle Madness.

Born in Mexicali, Baja California, Martinez moved to Lovia when his mother married a Lovian-Brunanter man. Martinez took part in several school plays and showed particular talent, so he was recruited in 1961 by Allan and Riverdale to play a small part in Jailbreak. This was the film that kick-started his career. After playing in Agent Zero, which was co-produced by Allen and Riverdale with Brunanter company Europa Films, he moved to Brunant.