Phaluhm Phoueck

Phaluhm Phoueck


Name Phaluhm Phoueck
Full name Federated States of Phaluhm Phoueck (Faharatto Stittan sa Phaluhm Phoueck)
Capital Dauham Sammar Hazaham
Official language(s) English, Phaluhm, Malaya, Tagalog
Area 348.5 km2
Population 982,231
Demonym Pahluhm
Prime Minister Royna Nehgyen
More information
Motto Nyugasal sa atwan (United in destiny)
National anthem Mabhay Phaluhm Phoueck (Long live Phaluhm Phoueck)
Currency Maddasal (MAL) Ш
Time zone UTC +8\ DST +9
Internet TLD .pp
ISO 3166-1 PP
Telephone code +630
The Federated States of Phaluhm Phoueck (Phaluhm: Faharatto Stittan sa Phaluhm Phoueck) is a country in South East Asia. It consists of four islands, which are also states, Nazahezan, Kota Kambular, Nuybuey, Retatto and Magazena. These islands make up the Phaluhm Archipelago. Paluhm Phoueck is a consitutional and a parlimentary republic.

Phaluhm Phoueck has about 982,231 inhabitats, mostly with European, American, Filipino or Malayan decendents. They mostly live in the urban cities such as Dauham Sammar Hazaham, Tohezeck, Westal City or Nallek

Its first settlers were the Bruneians, when they established Kota Kambular, and brought Islam to the country in 1482. In 1670, the Spaniards discovered Phaluhm Phoueck. They started colonising the island as part of the Spanish East Indies, which included the Philippines. After the Seven Year War, the Spainish gave its islands of Nazahezan, Kota Kambular and Nuybuey to the British, while the Spainiards controlled Retatto and Magazena. The British called their side, Phaluhm, which keeps its life traditional such as keeping Islam and its original names. The Spainiards called their side, Phoueck, which brings Spanish culture such as Roman Catholicism.

In 1898, the Spainish East Indies fell, and Phoueck refused to become part of the Phillippines. Phoueck was independent, until the Americans invaded the newly independent state. The Americans brought English to the previously Spanish states, and they brought their culture to the islands. In 1940, Japan invaded British Phaluhm and American Phoueck. The calls for independence was so high in the territories, that both the Americans and the British stopped colonising the islands, and then formed under a single country, Phaluhm Phoueck.

Phaluhm Phoueck today has a strong economy, mostly developed, and a highly technological country. It mostly has high education rates and has moderate religious rates, which depends if you live west or east. Its main economic partners are the US, EU, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. It is also a member of UN, ASEAN, ACD, APEC, and WTO.

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22 Freedom Avenue, Artista

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