PAM Pernambucq

P.A.M. Pernambucq in 1969.

Petrus Aloysius Maria Pernambucq (b. 1909, Sofasi, d. 1984, Timber Harbor), commonly known as P.A.M. Pernambucq, was a Sofasian poet who wrote in Lovian English, Bredish and Dutch. A prolific author, he wrote hundreds of poems, and is recognized as one of the most important authors of Lovia.

A statue of Pernambucq was erected in Timber Harbor in the 1990s. It was damaged during the Lovian Civil War in 2011. It was restored in 2013.

Pernambucq wrote about poverty, weltschmertz, modernism, art, religion and inequality. His most famous poem, "De bommen op Berlyn", deals with the post-WWII trauma the world was going through. It served as an early warning for the rise of communism in east Europe, and it has been cited as a visionary poem by many scholars.

Selected bibliography Edit

  • Kinderen van de maan (1941)
  • Slaap sacht, myn kind (1942)
  • De bommen op Berlyn (1946)
  • Santa Claus bestaat niet en andere waarheeden (1951)
  • Bredisgch Gedigchten 1954-1960 (1962)

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