Peter O'Connell Identity
Full name Peter Brendan O'Connell
Sex Male Male
Born 1979, Shannon, Ireland
Home Novosevensk
Functions Soccer defenseman

Peter Brendan O'Connell (born 4 December 1979) is a Lovian defenseman who plays for Gordiye Vnuki Slavyan and the Lovian National Soccer Team. He was born in Shannon, Ireland to Brendan and Lorelei O'connell. He came to Lovia in 1986 with his family. In 1998, he joined FK Galactic Hurbanova and played with them until their demise. He did some stage acting until 2001, when he was hired by Gordiye Vnuki Slavyan to play for them.

Since 2012, O'Connell has played for the Lovia national football team, and he was part of their squad for WFC 2014.