Peter Kojdova

Portrait photo of Kojdova

Peter Kojdova (born 15th January 1962, Train Village) is a Lovian politician and linguist. Kojdova is the founder and leader of the Parti fo Vlack Did.

Kojdova was born in Train Village, but went to school at the King Arthur II School and the King Arthur II College, near Hurbanova. He studied linguistics at the Nobel University in Noble City, and was made a professor there in 1997. When the Hurbanova School of Linguistics was opened in 2004, Kojdova switched to being a professor there.

Kojdova, being a professor of linguistics, speaks numerous languages, including English, Dutch, Slovak, Oceana and Muzan Oceana, and reputedly also the extinct languages Train Village Dutch and Fade Dutch. Kojdova is a proponent of a Greater Oceana and greater autonomy for the state of Oceana, and also for the preservation of Lovia's languages and the protection of minorities.

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