Petar Hustróva Identity
Name Petar Hustróva
Full name Petar Otto Thomas Hustróva
Sex Male Male
Born July 19, 1988, Seal of East Hills East Hills
Home Seal of East Hills East Hills
Functions Politician
Languages English, Oceana
Roman Catholic

Petar Hustróva (July 19, 1988, East Hills) is a Lovian politician. He is a member of the Oceana State Council, where he sits as the leader of the Parti fo Nesavicelost 'Oshenna.

Hustróva completed his education on the Shkola Hurbanovni and went to San Francisco to study water management, but he did not complete his studies. In 2010, he returned to Oceana and became involved in the independence movement.

In daily life, Hustróva works for the Oceana State Department of Public Services, in the branch of waste disposal.

Personal life Edit

Hustróva is not married, but has a girlfriend.

Political carreer Edit