Pavel Kovalev (born 21st July 1991, Novosevensk) is a Lovian associaition footballer/soccer player, who currently plays for Gordiye Vnuki Slavyan as a midfielder.

When Vnuki was founded in July 2010, Kovalev was one of the players on their inaugural squad. He has played there since, though he has occasionally been loaned out in years when the LSCA Major Soccer League was not held. At Vnuki, Kovalev has been an important player in the squad and a fairly proficient goalscorer, and he is sometimes the captain. He has become known for his leadership and athleticism on the field, and is also one of the best known Russian-Lovian footballers.

In 2013, Kovalev made his debut for the Lovia national football team. However, he was not called up at all in 2014.

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