Paul Sanovec Identity
Name Paul Sanovec
Full name Paul Julián Matias Sanovec
Sex Male Male
Born October 26, 1984, Flag of Slovakia Zvolen
Home Seal of Hurbanova Hurbanova
Functions Politician, activist
Languages English, Oceana, Slovak, Czech
Roman Catholic

Paul Sanovec (Oceana: Pál Sanovets; October 26, 1984, Zvolen, Slovakia) is a Lovian-Slovak politician and activist. He is a Congress member for the Parti fo Nesavicelost 'Oshenna. He was born in Slovakia but his parents were Czechs. He immigrated to Lovia in 2001 to study Chemistry at Blackburn University. He bought a home in Hurbanova and assimilated in the Oceana culture. He became influenced by many famous independence advocates such as Kelový and founded his own political party in 2004 in order to participate in the 2004 SE.

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