Patrick McKinley Identity
Patrick McKinley
Name Patrick McKinley
Full name Patrick Alec McKinley
Born January 2, 1982, Kinley
Home Seal of Kinley 9 Elgin Avenue, Kinley, Seal of Seven Seven
Functions Mayor of Kinley
FP Bureau Chief
Former Gov. of Seven
Languages Speaks well: English, Dutch
Also some: German
And very little: French

Patrick Alec McKinley (born in Kinley, January 2, 1982) is a Lovian politician and businessman and former Mayor of Kinley.

Patrick is the son of former politician Joseph McKinley and Amelie Benevolant McKinley. He became mayor of Kinley in December 2007, and was Member of the Congress in 2006 (as Freedom First), 2007 (again as Freedom First, until resigning from the party in November) and 2008 (as an independent). He became Secretary of Transportation in 2008, and formed the Lovian Eagle Company also in that year.

In March 2008 Patrick McKinley resigned from all of his functions to go on a trip to the Netherlands, claiming that he had "to rediscover his new self". On the July 25, 2008, Patrick McKinley returned to Lovia and shortly afterward became Mayor of Kinley again.

On August 1, 2008, FP Commissioner, George Matthews appointed Patrick McKinley as FP Bureau Chief with the Federal Police. He retired from that role in early 2009, and emigrated to the Netherlands later that year.

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