Pažkolit' Úskalie Identity

Pažkolit' fishing.

Name Pažkolit' Úskalie
Full name Pažkolit' Hlanu John Úskalie
Sex Male Male
Born July 18, 1947, Flag of Lovia Small Hurbanova
Home Seal of Downtown Drake Town
Functions Governor of Oceana,
Mayor of Hurbanova
Languages English, Oceana, Slovak
Roman Catholic

Pažkolit' Úskalie (IPA: [ˈpaʃkolic ʔyːsˈkaliə], also written as Paškolit' Úskalie and Paçkolit Úskalie) is a Lovian writer, former fisherman, former governor of Oceana and former mayor of Hurbanova, who discovered Oceana Reef in 1974. As a writer, he wrote several famous books of which Flowers of June is one of the most read books of Lovia. He is also notable for his charity work for Third World countries and the poor in Lovia.

Biography Edit

Youth Edit

Pažkolit' Úskalie was born on July 18 in 1947 as "Ronald Michael John Úskalie". He grew up in a small house at the Vlackstreet in Hurbanova together with his parents, his grand-mother, four brothers and six sisters. His father, Michael Úskalie, was very pious and wanted his children to be raised with the values of the Roman Catholic church. Because he was a very poor fisherman, it was clear that his sons would all become poor fishermen too and his daughters would become normal housewives.

College Edit

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Oceana Reef Edit

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Literature Edit

  • 1974: That shol telling o'Michal Hlán. (translation by Paškolit' Úskalie in 1979 as Michal Hlán: the truth) (Jonas Hladovka Sr.)

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