the restaurant interior

Oxygen is a restaurant located in New Town, Lovia. The adress is 7 Cavour Avenue.

It serves Iberian food from Spain and Portugal. But, the food is made in a modern style with exotic ingredients. The chef and owner is Julio Torres who found it in 2007. It is a 3 star rated restaurant.

Pricing Edit

The completed 6 course's meal is $130 and a 4 course's one (entree, main course, salad and desert) is $85. But customers may order separately the dishes.

Menu Edit


Gazpacho 10

Salmorejo 12

Marmita 12


Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá 30

Bacalhau com Piri-piri 33

Pescaito frito 28

Calamares a la romana 30

Main Course

Migas manchegas 40

Carne de Porco à Alentejana 55

Feijoada and chouriço 45

Lechazo de Castilla y Leon 50

Paella valenciana 42


Berenjena con Vinagreta de Tomate 15

Ensalada de Pasta 12

Ensalada de Naranja y Aguacate 15

Salpicon de Marisco 18

Cheese's and wine 20

Selecion of Spanish portuguese and French cheese's, Red wine and Vinho verde

Desserts 10

Bola de Berlim

Crema catalana

Barriga de freira

Tarta de Santiago

Reviews Edit

The food is pricey, but the portions are very generous and the flavor is magnificent. 3 stars-Cinq Etoiles

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