Owen Janssen

Owen Janssen (born May 23, 1970) is a Lovian politician and activist. Janssen is a member of Lovian Future, and became the party's deputy leader after winning the deputy leadership election. Janssen was also an unsuccessful candidate in the 2015 Sylvanian local elections, running for election in the Bay Region.

Janssen was born to an American mother, and a Danish father, and grew up in a working class neighborhood in Noble City. Before becoming a founding member of Lovian Future in 2015, Janssen was a renowned republican and environmental campaigner. Janssen was notably arrested and spent the night in a police cell in 2014, after trespassing onto the premises of a power station, in order to petition the government to do more to support renewable energy.

Janssen is not married, nor does he have any children. In early 2015, it was reported he was in a relationship with Charlotte Keller, an environmental lobbyist ten years his junior.

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