Name Overbanken
Hexacode OB / OC-HU-OB
Population 3,288[1]
Language(s) Lovian English, Oceana
Location Oceana (Peace Island)
Next to Millstreet, Overbanken-Forest
Nicknames Overbanken-Neighborhood
Saint(s) Pope Urban I
Anthem Kem that lew is espavat
Oceana Map 1

Overbanken (English pronunciation: [ˈoʊ̯vɻ̩ːˌbeɪ̯ŋkn̩] (standard); [ˈɔːvəˌbæŋkn̩] (Beaver River); Oceana pronunciation: [ˈovɛʁˌbaŋkɛn]; archaic: Bankoni; [ˈbaŋkɛn], officially: Overbanken-Neighborhood) is a region and district north of the Hurbanova Stream. It contains one of Hurbanova's neighborhoods, which is also called Overbanken. Although it is relatively small compared to other rural districts, it has a population of 207 people (ODC, 2012). Overbanken houses several anti-flooding facilities, hydroelectric facilities, the Overbanken Regional Airport, and several campings.

In the past, the region was prepared for the construction of a new neighborhood of Hurbanova, or even a separate hamlet. The straight, asphalted roads in the largely deforested plains still reminded of this period. Eventually, all plans for the construction of new homes had been dropped, before the desperate housing shortage in Oceana led to new plans. Although Bill An already presented plans for a new settlement and illegally began clearing the area in 2011, his lay-out was never accepted. The current neighborhood was designed by Oos Wes Ilava and Bart Koenen.

The original route of the Emerald Railway crosses the Overbanken area and has nowadays been converted into a bicyclist and hiking route.

Administratively, there is an area called "Overbanken-Neighborhood" (Oceana: Dedin o'Bankoni), which is part of the Hurbanova built-up area, and a district called "Overbanken-Forest" (Oceana: Overbanken-Stareless). However, traffic signs only exist in the form "Overbanken" (Oceana: Bankoni). The Oceana Demographic Center treats them separately.

Demographics Edit

Of the 36,992 inhabitants of the Hurbanova district, 3,288 live in Overbanken-Neighborhood. According to the 2014 census, the racial make-up of Overbanken-Neighborhood was 3,288 white (100%); ethnically there were 1,595 Oceana (48,5%), 731 Lovians (22,2%), 349 Limburgish people (10,6%), 220 Romanians (6,7%), 180 Dutch people (5,5%), 166 Slovaks (5%), 41 Bosnians (1,2%), 4 Poles (0,1%), and 2 British (0,1%). The first-language distribution was recorded as 1,544 English (47%), 689 Oceana (21%), 351 Hurbanovan English (10,7%), 301 Limburgish (9,2%), 191 Romanian (5,8%), 94 Dutch (2,9%), 88 Slovak (2,7%), and 30 Bosnian (0,9%). The distribution of religious affiliations was 2,148 Roman Catholic (65,3%), 220 Romanian Orthodox (6,7%), 193 United Protestant (5,9%), 41 other Orthodox-Christian (1,2%), 15 Evangelic-Christian (0,5%), and 671 with no religious affiliation (20,4%).

Etymology Edit

The name "Overbanken" has a very complex history. The first name recorded for the area north of the stream was Stareless (Old Forest), which was mentioned in birth certificates in the late nineteenth century. In the early twentieth century, several other names were recorded, including That Starie, Stourle, and Store Hine Banks (referring to the fact that the area was on the banks of the Hurbanova Stream). By the end of the 20's, the region was widely known as Bankoni (the miners' area). Because of Dutch influence, this changed to Banken, which was the official pronunciation of the official name Bankoni. Large numbers of immigrants from Limburgish descent made a contrast between Overbanken (which was on the other side of the river, i.e. "over the river") and a Limburgish area called Onderbanken ("Underbanken"; Limburgish: Óngerbenk). This contrast was later adopted by most Oceana people. In 1997, the English name was officially changed to Overbanken; the official Oceana name remained Bankoni, even though most people no longer use this term.

Environment Edit

Overbanken-Neighborhood is located between Overbanken-Forest and the Hurbanova Stream. The center of the built-up area is located at approximately 5 to 10 meters high.

Of the 3,841 functioning registrated buildings in Overbanken-Neighborhood, 1,211 have a residential designation, 1,782 are stalls, sheds or workhouses, 30 have a religious designation, 248 are shops or services buildings, 94 are governmental buildings, and 476 are undefined.

Economy Edit

Most of the inhabitants of Overbanken-Neighborhood are employed in services, retail, or production industries. According to the 2013 census, the working population is 2,071 (69%), of which 174 have no registrated jobs (8,4%) and 146 are unemployed (7%).

Neighborhood map Edit

Dunes *1 Galghard Dunes *2 Galghard Dunes *3 *3
Mitch Cromwood Avenue / Stromcesta o'Mitch Cromwood
4 Mitch Cromwood Avenue
Kameron Metalworks
8 Mitch Cromwood Avenue
Electronic Lovia
12 Mitch Cromwood Avenue
14 Mitch Cromwood Avenue
Grindon Farming Corporation
16 Mitch Cromwood Avenue
Kameron Agri
15 Paul Hladovka Avenue
Paul Hladovka Avenue / Stromcesta o'Paul Hladovka

8 Paul Hladovka Avenue
12 Paul Hladovka Avenue
20 Mitch Cromwood Avenue
OWTB's chalet camping to be named
5 Temmar Eastwood Avenue
Susyr Otlev Company
Temmar Eastwood Avenue / Stromcesta o'Temmar Eastwood
12 Galghard Road
Bus Service Oceana
4 Temmar Eastwood Avenue
Narasha 'Oshenna Rát
6 Temmar Eastwood Avenue
Liberty Cinemas
8 Temmar Eastwood Avenue
Overbanken Office Building
12 Temmar Eastwood Avenue
Overbanken Center
14 Temmar Eastwood Avenue
Book Galaxy
16 Temmar Eastwood Avenue
5 Pažkoliť Úskalie Avenue
15 Pažkoliť Úskalie Avenue
Pažkoliť Úskalie Avenue / Stromcesta o'Pažkoliť Úskalie
4 Pažkoliť Úskalie Avenue
RCC Saint Joseph
10 Pažkoliť Úskalie Avenue
Clarity Studios
12 Pažkoliť Úskalie Avenue
Charles Jones
14 Pažkoliť Úskalie Avenue
Concordia Architecture
Communal Square 7 Dubnitz Road
3 Belby Road
Klaus Zimmermann
Apartment Building
7 Belby Road
John Robien
Apartment Building
11 Belby Road
John Ladowkah
Apartment Building
15 Belby Road
5 Dubnitz Road
Belby Road / Barbyecezmost
Northern River Bank
River Side Road / Ástranckscezmost
Hurbanova Stream
  1. Galghard Road / Galgharcesta
  2. Overbanken Road / Overbankencesta
  3. Dubnitz Road / Cesta do Dubnitz

Politics Edit

Now follows the voting results for the local State Elections:

Party 2012[2] 2013 F2015
CCPL - 695 838
PNO - 106 177
OSB - 411 495
NPO - 54 58
LMP - 210 221
RTP - 208 208
GP - 133 138
KNPO - 294 266
MLPE - 7 -
SP - 3 3
SLP - 2 0
DV - 2 -
UC - 5 8
LEP - - 5
Valid - 2,130 2,417
Blank - 8 40
Invalid - 4 19
Votes cast - 2,142 2,476
Entitled to vote - 2,230 2,614

Transportation Edit

Overbanken-Neighborhood is served by the Bus Service Oceana:

The following bus stops lie within Overbanken-Neighborhood's zone of habitation: Overbanken Bus St, Overbanken East, and Overbanken Square.

Gallery Edit

References Edit

  1. Oceana Demographic Center (2014), only includes the neighborhood.
  2. Overbanken-Neighborhood did not exist at the time of these elections.

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