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The Oswall Plant is a large production plant in the Highland area in Sylvania. Its produces a majority of Scribner Pharmaceuticals products. It is also homes the largest chimney in Lovia. It is a restricted area, and is private property of the company. It was built in 2008 after the company took off. The factory supplies the city of Train Village with jobs. During the June 2008 Floods, the factory two main bridges fell, but were rebuilt. The factory is under full security, large back ground checks, they also do not allow any media or non-workers inside the area around the factory.

Controversy Edit

The chemical plant has a strange and unusual story, similar to that of Plum Island, locals have described a large number of trucks leave and enter the site, they also report of heavy security. Locals also claim that there is a dam preventing any experiments from leaving the site, but still allowing clean stream water and fish.

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