tshitate, tshititte, tshite and lizn

Oshenna Novine

Short news

  • Elections to be held on the 4th of November
    11-02-11, OSLOBODENIA 'OSHENNA: According to Il Duce, our nation is ready for elections. George Ský, incumbent interim Prime Minister, will struggle for his post against the beautiful, most lovely Bella La Blaca, from the infamous La Blaca Clan. Currently 278 people are allowed to vote. The voting will occur in the Saint Octavian Roman Catholic Church on 4 November.
  • Koshkov leader of Oslobodenia
    11-02-11, OSLOBODENIA 'OSHENNA: Nikolai Koshkov, veteran of the Northern rebels, has landed in our lovely Empire. Il Duce granted him citizen rights and gave him the commando of Oslobodenia, our military forces. "With Niccolà as Oslobodenia general, we will kick everyone's ass!" according to the Emperor.
  • Rumours UNLOR is planning napalm attack
    11-02-11, OSLOBODENIA 'OSHENNA: Voices associated with the UNLOR have been heard discussing the possibility of a napalm attack on Oslobodenia 'Oshenna. Il Duce Octavian declared that such an attack will massively be retaliated. Not only would he shoot down the planes before they fly above the ocean, he would also respond with a terrorist attack on Peace Island.
  • More brothers in safety
    11-02-11, OSLOBODENIA 'OSHENNA: Il Duce Octavian has secured three ships with Oceana nationalists on board fleeing from Hurbanova. The brothers and sisters were welcomed with love and relief in Oster Harbour. However, Il Duce says that there are still too many fellow nationalists in the war zone.
  • Government Ský takes care of capital
    11-01-11, OSLOBODENIA 'OSHENNA: His Highness Il Duce has appointed Klauss Ský to create a government to take care of our beloved capital. Ský will remain an interim Prime Minister until elections are being held. A potential successor would be General Ilava.
  • Empire of Oceana established; day of relief among Oceana
    11-01-11, OSLOBODENIA 'OSHENNA: The people of the Empire of Oceana have found a secure place to live on the heavily armed City Archipelago. Mainly thanks to the no-fly zone installed today, the Empire functions as a de facto independent state. For enemies it has been made impossible to harm the inhabitants of the archipelago. A truce is expected to be signed soon.


  • ...


Bella La Blaca3

Vote for the Beauty of Our Nation! Bella La Blaca, Completely Yours

Klauss Sky

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Call Interim Prime Minister Klauss Ský Now! 08-102974819

Il Duce

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