The new, Lovian label and logo bears the text Olsen's rather than Olsen Wyn, but still features its original name and place of foundation underneath.

Ingmar Olsen

Ingmar Olsen, the company's manager

Olsen's is a Libertan-Lovian family business and producer of wines. Founded as Olsen Wyn in Libertas in the year 1952, the company moved to Lovia in 2010 citing the unstable Libertan economy. Their move to Lovia was announced in The Noble City Times in January 2010.

Olsen's is run by Ingmar Olsen, son of founder Edvard Olsen. Ingmar's daughter Stefanie Olsen, a writer of children's books and a model, is shareholder in the company and is likely to succeed her father in the future.

The company is the second largest producer of wine in Libertas. In Lovia, the wine production has only just started. The first Olsen wine were sold in 2011. Olsen's specializes in traditional red wines and table wines, making Cabernet Sauvignon and blends using domestic and imported wine. E. Olsen is a special wine made from the reserves of the winemaker himself. In Lovia this wine is entirely made from Cabernet sauvignon grapes.

Company history Edit

E. Olsen reserve

E. Olsen: Olsen's Reserve

Edvard Olsen, a Danish immigrant to Libertas, moved as a young man to the town of Maple Hills in 1949. He founded Olsen Wyn (Olsen Wine) March 1st 1952. Until 1955 no more wine was produced than the Olsens themselves could consume. It was in 1956 that the production was expanded to provide the town and region with wines. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, Olsen Wyn was among the largest wine producers in Libertas.

Ingmar Olsen, the 18-year old son to Edvard, was introduced into the company in 1972. He became co-proprietor and deputy director in 1974.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the company's production suffered from the relentless import of cheap European and American wine. When Edvard Olsen deceased in 1984, his company was about to go bankrupt. Edvard's son immediately took over the management and severely worked on the budget. Olsen Wyn stayed unprofitable until the mid-1990s, but then regained strength. Import limitations in Libertas and new production facilities gave it a chance to raise production and sales. By 1997, Olsen ranked third in Libertas, and in 2002 they were already the largest wine producer.

Since then, sales have been rather stable in Libertas. Due to the soaring sales of the Rodine Castle winery, Olsen fell back to the second place in sales.

In January 2010, Ingmar Olsen announced to be moving the company's headquarters to Lovia, citing the unstable Libertan economy. The actual move was made in the summer of 2010.

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