Oliver Flint Identity
Oliver Flint
Name Oliver Flint
Full name Oliver Harrison Flint
Sex Male Male
Born March 1st, 1885, United States Newark, Ohio
Deceased October 26th, 1968, Flag of Lovia Small Noble City
Spouse Amelia Jansson
Home Seal of Kinley Kinley, Seal of Noble City Noble City.
Functions Governor of Seven, later economist and royal advisor
Languages English

Oliver Flint was the second governor of Seven, and the son of Harrison Flint, first governor and founder of Kinley. Unlike his father, he is usually viewed negatively for his use of force for political ends, for example the Battle of British Island and the Northern Clearances.

After his defeat in the 1915 State Elections, Flint quietly left Seven to work as an economist at Nobel University in Noble City. From 1947 onwards he advised the monarchs on economic policy.

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