Ole Nielsen Identity
Ole Nielsen
Name Ole Nielsen
Full name Ole Frank Gevet Nielsen
Sex Male Male
Born September 5th, 1850, Flag of Denmark Copenhagen
Deceased September 1st, 1899, Flag of Lovia Small Noble City
Spouse Claudia Jones
Home Seal of Noble City Noble City
Functions Founding Father
Languages Danish, English, German
until 1889: Nordic neopaganism
from 1889 onwards: Freethinker

Ole Nielsen (1850-1899) was a Danish-born Americo-Lovian Founding Father and writer. He was born September 5th, 1850 in a cabin in Copenhagen, Denmark. At the young age of 6 Ole ran away from home and became a hobo begging for money on the streets of Ghent, Belgium. Aged 18, he moved to New York City. He then moved to San Francisco, where he lived until 1870. Having only little money Nielsen was hired to go on a fishing boat in the Pacific Ocean. In 1872, he and Arthur Noble's crew discovered the Lovia Archipelago on the Francis II. During his short time in Lovia Ole wrote several books. He was also a well known for his exploration of the Northern Isles in 1874, after destroying his ship on the Rock of Arnmod and swimming to shore with six crew members. He named the Northern Isles New Scandinavia (a name which did not survive). Nielsen is also credited with giving the Arnmod brothers their surname.

Nielsen died four days before his 50th birthday. At his funeral King Arthur II of Lovia gave a speech noting his great accomplishments as a Founding Father and writer.

Amongst his popular nicknames are: The Scandinavian, being the only Founding Father of Scandinavian descent, Olé (/oˈlɛj/), and The Author.

Bibliography Edit

  • The Great Land - 1891
  • My Life, My Life - 1894
  • Lovia the Great: but what will happen next? - 1896
  • My Life, My Life Part Two - 1898
  • Notes of My Life - 1899
  • Lovia in 50 Years - 1899