Seal of Kinley

Flag of Kinley

Name Old Kinley
Hexacode SE-KY-OK
Population 9,702[1]
Language(s) English
Location Seal of Kinley Kinley
Next to Canterbury

Old Kinley is a neighborhood in the town of Kinley. Old Kinley was originally the entire town, until the Canterbury neighborhood was made official, causing it to become a neighborhood of its own. It is, unsurprisingly, the oldest part of the settlement, with some buildings dating back to the 1880s, although Kinley was not founded until 1903.

Neighborhood map Edit

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Charles Jones
1 Hazlett Avenue
*1 Lars Washington
4 Hazlett Avenue
Landmark Hotel McKinley
6 Hazlett Avenue
Ben (talk)
8 Hazlett Avenue
LBS Bank
10 Hazlett Avenue
*2 InterBus
12 Hazlett Avenue
Veloz Health Clubs
14 Hazlett Avenue
Hazlett Avenue
Lovian Labour Center
1 Hazlett Avenue
Atlantis Motors
3 Hazlett Avenue
Ferenc Szóhad
5 Hazlett Avenue
Francisco Espada
7 Hazlett Avenue
Harold Freeman
9 Hazlett Avenue
Remembrance Park
11 Hazlett Avenue
Dale's Donuts
2 Delaware Avenue
Kameron Bank
4 Delaware Avenue
Seven Court House
Seven State Court
6 Delaware Avenue
William McKinley Park
Delaware Avenue
Air Lovia
1 Delaware Avenue
Smyrna Community Chapel
3 Delaware Avenue
Town Hall
5 Delaware Avenue
Remembrance Park
9 Delaware Avenue
International College of Lovia
11 Delaware Avenue
Kinley Dome
13 Delaware Avenue
Justin Abrahams
2 Elgin Avenue
Kinley Medical Center
4 Elgin Avenue
Henri Burton Elementary
6 Elgin Avenue
Elgin Offices
8 Elgin Avenue
Elgin Avenue
Hiway Diner
1 Elgin Avenue
Mariners Pub
3 Elgin Avenue
Alexei Krasnov
5 Elgin Avenue
Jon Johnson
7 Elgin Avenue
Bishop Thumbsup Secondary School
9 Elgin Avenue
Veloz Megastores
11 Elgin Avenue
13 Elgin Avenue
13 Elgin Avenue
Auburn Avenue
Kinley Coastal Police Outpost
12 Auburn Avenue
Beach Kinley Harbor and Station
13 Auburn Avenue

Blue Sea

  • *1 William Street
  • *2 Ida Street

References Edit

  1. These figures were registered and measured by the Seven Demographic Centre on March 16th, 2013.