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The Oceana cuisine, also often simply Oceana, is the cuisine native to the Lovian state of Oceana. It is mainly based on Slovak cuisine, but in recent times there are also many Dutch, Romanian, Limburgish and American influences. A typical Oceana product is the Swietshke, a sort of cheese well-known because of its sharp taste.

Oceana is also known for its wines. One of the most well-known brands is Sternaux.

Slovak influence Edit

The Oceana dish shealsey is relatively similar to the Slovak dish Bryndzové halušky. This typical dish is made by grating thin pieces of potato (zeamiek) and then mixing that with flower (mook), salt (solj) and egg (eack) to a sort of liquid dough, called tsayst (IPA: [tseisc]). This tsayst is then cut into square pieces and cooked for a few minutes. Then swietshke is added and the dish is finished.

Dutch influence Edit

The most important Dutch influences are the snacks. One of the most popular evening dishes is the nemtshieplate (IPA: [ˈnɛmtʃiəplatɛ]), a frikandel with chips, lettuce and mayonnaise.

Swietshke Edit

Swietshke (pronounce: [ˈswiətʃkɛ] or [ˈswiətʃkʔ]) is a typical cheese which is often associated with the Oceana cuisine. The cheese is made of goat milk and edited by fungi (Penicillium candidum) and is ripened for twelve months in hay. Oceana people use swietshke in almost all of their dishes, like in shealsey, but they also melt it and then mix it with sauerkraut, to a dish called kapustke (pronounce: [kaˈpusckɛ] or [kaˈpusckʔ]). The cheese is well-known for its sharp taste and can be bought in almost all supermarkets in Lovia.

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