Occidental Arena
Location Seal of Train Village Train Village,
Seal of Sylvania Sylvania
Built August 2005 - June 2007
Opened August 3 2007
Owner Walker Inc
Surface grass, tartan, etc.
Construction cost N/A
Walker Cavaliers Walker Cavaliers
3,400 (its maximum capacity is 3,425 though the box office never sells more than 3,400 tickets)

The Occidental Arena is a Lovian sports stadium in Downtown, Train Village, finished en opened in 2007. It is home to the Walker Cavaliers and has facilities for several sports, including soccer, athletics, American football and several indoor sports. The Occidental Arena serves as one of the venues of the LSCA Major Soccer League.

History Edit

The plan to build a second sports stadium in Train Village arose in the early 2000s. The Train Village Football Stadium was too small for large crowds and only housed soccer events. Several companies and funds gathered May 12 2005 and designed a multi-sports stadium for Train Village.

Occidental Arena 2006

The Occidental Arena being constructed (2006)

The works started in August 2005 and took almost two entire years. The choice of the name was not easy, because opinions were heavily divided. Some of the suggestions were Train Village Sports Stadium or The Arena. Finally, Occidental Arena was chosen, using the popular choice Arena and referring to its situation in the west end of Train Village. The stadium was finished in June 2007 and opened August 3 2007. The Occidental Arena is at this time owned by Walker Inc and houses the Walker Cavaliers, though other teams can receive licenses too.

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