Oaks of Kinley
Oaks of Kinley
Date July 7, 2010-present
Nicknames the Oaks
Club colors

██ green

██ brown

Sports Table tennis, tennis, association football (soccer), badminton.
Chairman William Durham (football)
Headquarters Kinley Dome, Seal of Kinley Kinley, Seal of Seven Seven

The Oaks of Kinley is a sports club based in Kinley. Their stadium is the Kinley Dome, and they are most well known for their soccer team. Jhon Lewis was the owner of the soccer team until his death in 2014. Their stadium is the Kinley Dome, shared with the Gordiye Vnuki Slavyan, with whom there is great rivalry.

Professional teams Edit

Association football team Edit

No. Position Player Comment
1 Flag of Lovia Small GK William Durham
3 Flag of the Netherlands DF Stijn Wassen
4 Flag of Australia DF Marc Warren
5 Flag of Lovia Small DF Raymond Lewis
6 Flag of Lovia Small MF Brian Jameson
7 Flag of Lovia Small MF William Lam
8 Flag of Lovia Small MF Richard Wenger
9 Flag of France FW Jason Buaillon
10 Flag of Lovia Small FW TBD
11 800px-Flag of England svg FW George Fulton
12 United States MF Robert Bezuhovsky
14 United States GK Thomas McKenna
16 Flag of Brunant DF William Boeker
17 Flag of Lovia Small FW Peter York
17 Flag of France FW Latimer Caya
18 Flag of Denmark MF Leon Jessen
19 Flag of Brunant FW Gert Van Eisner
20 Flag of Turkey MF Sayed Moawed

Notable past players Edit

The next club of the players is are in cursive.