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Hey everyone, This is the final edition of the popular Nova Times which has became a staple in Lovian news for three years. The newspaper was founded on February 25th, 2010 and its symbolic and amazing for it to close February 22nd, 2013, almost three years later. When we came with this newspaper, Lovian news was inactive there was TNCT and LaQ, one being inactive and one being right-winged, their was no possible way for the left wing to get their voice out. I'm glad we lasted this long! We brought light to newsstories, domestic and foreign, brought rugby and soccer into the Lovian public. We now merge with the progressive-ecological Our Earth Bulletin and us Villanovas will write for that paper. We now have the chance to continue seven day a week publishing, unlike our other local newspapers from Newport News and Clymene Today which are posting every so often. I hope you remember this paper well, and make sure that our new interest in OEB comes as good news to all of our readers. Thanks, and keep reading! Marcus/Michael Villanova 17:08, February 22, 2013 (UTC)
News Ads/Book Review

Union of Lovian Educators leader: "Great chance we strike"

Recent talks between the UoLE and Newhaven leaders are currently at a standstill. The background on the siutation is quite simple, the current contract to the Newhaven public school teachers was last agreed in 2011, but with both sides not getting what they wanted they set the contract for about a year until late 2012. The current salary for a first year teacher in the contract is about 32,500 dollars and one teaching about 10 years in the system about 40,000, 20 years 45,750. Now if the contract expries two crucial parts will be taken out for teachers the "Pay for Paper" a program which targets school supplies needs for poor students which would then be taken out, and paid for, from teachers salaries. Also under the contract the fail safe pay comes into play which means 5% pay deductions across all fields. The UoLE states that instead they would propose a trade off, where "Pay for Paper" is ended and all members gain a 5% pay raise. The last meeting took place on Novemeber 10th, for about 45 minutes. Neither side would comment on the situation on hand. Marcus/Michael Villanova 00:01, November 22, 2012 (UTC)

We hate him. Why Nick Clegg gives Modern Liberalism a bad name.

Any high school student can tell you what the englightened thinkers though of, and what there thoughts translated into the Liberal ideology. Although they might not know that is not "modern liberalism" but classical and is a sort of dying breed. Still the thoughts live on in the broad scope of liberalism. Again the high school student can tell you they stood for accountablity, democracy and freedom. Nick Clegg, wanting to asert his coalition power, has failed the british yet again with a failed attempt at "over" democracy with police commissioners. Still, you should hold the whole government accountable but during this moment Clegg is using Cameron as a puppet, spouting so called democracy. But the two other components of Liberalism are killed. Accountablity, lost. Now, who do you go to? Your police commissioner? MP? Local Council? or in Wales case, Assembly? It's lost, and the finger pointing will begin when a situation arises. Clegg wanted to make a good impression in the government to gain more national recognition but may now become the 'fourth' party behind a growing UKIP which in some polls have showed a strong third place showing.

Note:Nova Times is strongly against the LibDem party, we do think the Tories have made some great strides in making government effiecent. We still support Labour, just we hope they don't act like total dicks again. Marcus/Michael Villanova 00:43, November 17, 2012 (UTC)

The storm of change may have died

Senior politicians William Krosby and Oos Wes Ilava have expressed concern over the state reform to create state councils, citeing the parts of elections and partsian politics which might seperate states further. Supporter of the bill Marcus Villanova has said he trusts citizens and politicans that this will not occur. Still, without the law in place the Seven State Council survives, and may make the two sides mad over what compromise may occur. Those against will say that the council shouldn't stand and should have little to no power. While, those for say the council should stand and have some rights to spend, tax and do it's job to serve the people of that state.

Marcus/Michael Villanova 15:31, November 4, 2012 (UTC)

State Reform Hoffmann style: The makings of a perfect storm

Villanova's try at State Council's ultimatley failed, with the support there, but the votes not. Hoffman, a supporter of state councils is going to propose a series of State reforms creating state councils without the so called "buracracy". Meanwhile Seymon the Governor of Seven, has already erected a State Council, which has became a bold move in the battle, due to it being able to survive in a Loophole in the Lovian law. This all has the makings of a perfect storm for those supporting State Councils, since Hoffmann will propose his law very soon. Marcus/Michael Villanova 23:13, October 29, 2012 (UTC)

Op-Ed: This is what happens when you elect a Liberal...



Keeping up with out-of Lovian politics, in Britian the Hair brain schemed Lib Dems have recently proposed an 80% House of Lords, the upper chamber in the UK currently with 800+ members and totally unelected. This isn't the first time the Lib Dems, the minor partner in a coalition government, have gone rouge and tried to force there own legislation in. In 2011 their Alternative Vote Referendum failed by a wide margin. So what is this papers, left/progressive view on this? That Liberals have once again proven they are nothing more than a joke and any legislation written by them should instantly be thrown into the nearest waste basket. Admitting to my bias, I am a person in favor of a traditional Lords because I like that the brightest minds go to a house not to block legislation but scrutinize and improve legislation. I heard an MP today, while I was watching the Lords debate in the Lower Commons Chamber say, "If it aint broke don't fix it". No truer words for the situation. I fear the Chamber will end up like the senate of America and total gridlock will be the result. I would propose a better way, keep the traditions of the Lords and the titles and have maybe 600-700 lords. Lessen heriditary peers to families that actually deserve it, increase total life peers and create an election of about 20-40 lords over the age of 40 to the Chamber to know we are sending the best and brightest. Please Mr. Clegg quit while your ahead and stop this crap legislation. Marcus/Michael Villanova01:45, July 11, 2012 (UTC)

Labour Party public approval up, as well as CCPL

In a latest poll by NT, the populous seems to be happy with the late actions of the Labour and Christian parties are both in the plus do to positive census numbers and unemployment going down in recent months. Though the congress has never passed a budget or tax laws, the public seems to have faith in law makers in the coming months to put it together. The Labour Party's approval rating is mostly getting support from a new base of voters in Sylvania which are peoples who only speak italian, which make up 3-5% of the state. In a recent ad spouting the great works done by the party in a 50 second aid completely in Italian. Reporting Marcus/Michael Villanova 20:54, June 10, 2012 (UTC)

Marcus' Sports unites, for a better Lovia

With all the sports and activities that Minister of Tourism and Sport Marcus Villanova has set up for international events and domestic events, population and other tourism and revenue has grown in Lovia. The new IRB Small Sevens Cup has united countries and helped communicatiton just like the olympics. March 20th, five days before the start of the Tournament, Marcus will meet with other department sport heads of the German and Belgium governments. The Prime Minister, Illava may also attend. The one round of Lovian Sevens is expected to generate around 1.2 - 1.5 million Lovian Dollars. Reporting Marcus/Michael Villanova 20:33, February 21, 2012 (UTC)

Council officialy set, Occupy Lovia Movement spreads to Train Village

The Amish council officialy is set. The CCPL the ultimate winner with four seats, including the all important mayoralship. The second place finisher and winner of the district six runoff, the ACP, got a grand total of two seats. The PCP got only one seat. The Occupy Lovia Movement is rising again with a new location in Train Village. The movement will be started by Miners Union of Lovia which has about 80 members in Train Village. The union will donate 500 dollars for supplies and is expecting about 100 people. A large rally of about 1000 people expected in Charleston later in the month. Reporting Marcus/Michael Villanova 22:55, February 1, 2012 (UTC)

Council is set...Kind of.

With all the council elections called the CCPL is the clear victor. With them winning big in district two with 76%, in district three unaposed, and in district five with 72% of the vote. In the rest of the seats were won by the ACP and PCP, with the Reformed Traditional Party coming up very empty handed. But one race will not be called, in the sixth district CCPL Candidate Somer and ACP candidate West, tied with 19 votes each and could have been a three way tie but PCP Rotenberg only had 18 votes. With that, it looks like the Mayoral race will be in favor of the CCPL, that being the only race left. Keeping you posted - Marcus/Michael Villanova 17:35, January 28, 2012 (UTC)

As more votes come in the picture becomes more clear

In the mayoral race John Amman is now the clear front runner with a 30 vote lead. The status of the first district race has now had a declared winner, which means more votes might come in but he is the winner, Vinny Kurtschrit. In district two Thomas Den has been declared the winner, with no more votes coming in that race, with 76% of the vote. In district three Luke Amman is the Declared winner. In district four Nick Oberm of the PCP is also a declared winner. In district five Rick Oser an assitant pastor wins with 72% of the vote. And in the final district six the race is a practical three way tie. Reporting Marcus/Michael Villanova 17:12, January 28, 2012 (UTC)

Only half the votes counted and it looks that CCPL will win the council!

With only half the votes counted in the races, CCPL will win District two, District five, and by default district three. If a win of the six and Mayoral ship, they would have a super majoirty of the council. We will continue to report as results come in. Marcus/Michael Villanova 16:52, January 28, 2012 (UTC)

Amish Kinley Debate, New Poll shows CCPL may win!

In the only debate of the LRC election season all races and candidates came out in the LRC town hall to show there postions on the major issues. In the first Mayoral debate John Amman won with the crowd liking most of his positions, and was shown to be ahead with 53%-42%. In the rest of the debates afterwards Nova times took a instant poll: In the first district the ACP candidate is leading with 34%, to Hosner's 30%. Den in the second district is leading with 48% to 45%. In the third district, with both being CCPL candidates, Amman is leading with 52% to 46%. In the four way district four, the PCP candidate which approves of Civil unions is leading with 35% to the CCPL candidate Macenderm 32%. In district five a virtual tie between the CCPL Oser is leading with 49% to the PCP's Romtin 47%. In district six CCPL's Somer is leading with 54% in a three way race. Marcus/Michael Villanova 20:23, January 27, 2012 (UTC)

Why is amish kinley is so important?

This is a question many readers usually ask? Why is Amish Kinley so important? Well it's a minor christian culture much different from our that we get to learn and see about. They controll about 12%-16% of all crop out put so what ever minor election they have is quite important not only to us but to them. Plus it's politics, and with a small 200 somewhat voter base with semi-progressive (if you ask them) view on things compared to other amish cultures. So yeah, Amish kinley is not only exciting, a great place to vist, but also good for you wallet, Depending on if you buy corn that is xD. Reporting Marcus/Michael Villanova 16:40, January 26, 2012 (UTC)

Nova Times Returns! To Amish Kinley

Nova Times, a long time supporter and reviewer of the small settlement has returned for there own Elections! Though Amish Kinley is apart of Lovia and pays Lovian taxes and follow most Lovian Laws, they can elect there Own mayor and Reiligious Council which would just do simple reiligous activites and other tourism needs. The Council, which will be the first elected, can also decide about farming and work practices. The LRC (Local Reiligous Community) use to have a mayor but the small community will now elect a Mayor who leeds the LRC and votes in the counil and elect another six local leaders. NOTE: Nova Times will also be there to report the debate and the candidate's views. The debate is on January 27th. Reporting with soon results Marcus/Michael Villanova 15:00, January 26, 2012 (UTC)

Rebels Fought for Far-right cause...and Slip up.

With the rebels now losing Clymene, Seven and Kings... The Higlands and Oceana are only left. Many prominent Far-right leaders were captured today in Clymene such as Hessel Doorian and Honecker, and La Blaca dieing. With the civil war now in it's finish stages it will come down to the remaining rebel leaders to solve the problems left at hand. In other news major left parties are forming a coalition to become the center-left progressive "Labour Party" talks are still under way. Reporting Marcus/Michael Villanova 17:24, October 30, 2011 (UTC)

Dae-su: "Liberate Lovia" PM: "He's a complete idiot"

Wheather you agree with Dae-su or not the HAMR or HARM, since he doesn't re-check things, is getting some attention. The rarely active insane Dae-su has started his second riot against the Lovian Government. But what's most weird about this is he is apart of the government. Thomas Bale party leader said "We want him to leave, our party is a conservative government who wants interprise, not to destroy the government like the Tea Party loonies. I want him out of our party" Dae-su has drawn lines in the sand and done alot for the far right but has continued to stay a progressive, but again has his facts wrong. Since he's active only a few seconds a month he would like to know the Commies are in the opposition and the government is now mainly a Liberal-Progressive government. Reporting Marcus/Michael Villanova 12:36, October 22, 2011 (UTC)

An Interview with Foreign Secretary Yuri Medvedev We asked him Four Questions/Statements

  • Hacking Scandal
  • Ed Miliband and the opposition's handling of the Scandal
  • What can Lovia do in the Horn of Africa?
  • Statement on the tragic events in Norway

(1) Considering how many people are involved in the hacking scandal I feel this is more than just a crime. Mistakes have been made by journalists, media moguls and officials of the law enforcement all alike. The way I see it, the hacking is part of a broader trend within the media. A trend towards popularization and the constant chase after scandal and entertainment. The dropping standards put pressure on the quality newspapers. Not that we all have to consume equally wit press but the UK scandal shows what becomes of journalism when professionalism is abandoned and the only motive becomes to make more money. (2) The opposition does a fine job though they seem to be mainly after the PM and that controversial man he recruited. Besides the political games between opposition and majority I am confident parliament will resolve the issue successfully. I do however doubt whether they will send a clear message on the dropping standards of journalism, like the point I made in my previous answer. UK politics treat this too much as an isolated phenomenon whereas I deem it to be an (extreme) manifestation of a much broader trend. Will the opposition make an effort on the entire front or only try to get one commander killed? (3) Probably the hardest question you've asked. On a short term the international community will respond with aid, either financially or in kind. Lovia should support that effort. There is however a major problem with charity: we always combat the symptoms but never care to actually diagnose the disease. What really needs to be done is to lift those nations out of poverty. Not just by giving them quick cash but by assuring fair trade, by making investments in infrastructure and in people. Education, emancipation and social development are key and will do the job if the international trade provides a fertile context. Question is: are we rich folks really willing to share our piece of the cake? Or will we just keep throwing that quick cash? Lovia can be a voice of solidarity in this selfish world and has to keep up the fight for a just trade system. (4) The shooting and bombing that took place in (near) Oslo are a real tragedy. Extremism of whatever kind always is despicable. Violence is the most asocial act one can commit, taking the lives of other people up front. Killing is what stops one from being a sound human being. How is it possible that in todays world one person's mind can get so warped that it is perceived as just to resort to such dramatic action? Without wanting to redeem the monsters behind this massacre from their burden of guilt I do wish to stress how I always look upon such drama as the failure of society to provide a successful way of socializing all individuals into a happy community. From where I stand the loss is double and with that statement I would like to end.

Reporting Marcus/Michael Villanova 12:58, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

More updates! CPL.nm going to win election?

  • CPL.nm: 30 votes/34 seats
  • LDP: 19 votes/21 seats
  • CCPL: 11 votes/12 seats
  • SDP: 10 votes/11 seats
  • UNS: 7 votes/8 seats
  • Breyev: 6 votes/7 seats
  • PCP: 6 votes/7 seats

Overall votes: 89

CPL.nm still has the lead with a few days to go and they would still have to enter into a coalition with another party. Talks tho have not offically been started. Marcus/Michael Villanova 21:16, June 9, 2011 (UTC)

Progressive Conservative Party holds on to school board seat, with 40% of vote, CPL.nm winning the federal elections.

In our previous reports we have shown that the open seat left by Mr. Bale was going to have a special election which the PCP won again. In the Federal elections:

  • CPL.nm: 30 votes/37 seats
  • LDP: 17 votes/20 seats
  • CCPL: 11 votes/13 seats
  • SDP: 7 votes/8 seats
  • UNS: 7 votes/8 seats
  • Semyon: 6 votes/7 seats
  • PCP: 6 votes/7 seats

85 votes so far, with about two weeks to go. There will definetly be a coalition, and since CPL.nm has a huge lead there main PM candidate, Marcus, probley will retain his seat as PM. There have been talks with smaller parties and the SDP to join forces, none of this offically clarified. Marcus/Michael Villanova 20:16, June 8, 2011 (UTC)

Newhaven Elementary, and Progressive Conservative Party leader, who droped his school board seat to run for congress, is holding special school board election!

The seat Thomas Bale left is up for election. He said before leaving "Our party is doing fine! and we need better representation in congress!" He left at one of the most important times in the First Charter Schools of Lovia, most issues about school and changes and the year ahead are made during the summer. Most day to day issues are handeled during the year. The special election for the school seat is being held on June 7th. There are three candidates, Jack Kenn, CPL.nm, who has three kids in the school. The candidate polling in second Lenny Robe, Progressive Conservative, who has one kid in 1st grade, and the third is a prenial candidate, Chris Yu, Independent, who has two kids both in 7th. This is of course a speical term which will of course end like the others in August. Reporting Marcus/Michael Villanova 20:49, May 31, 2011 (UTC)

State Reform passes!!! New larger congressional elections and political reforms to make Lovia better! And Smaller parties rejoice!

That's it, state reform passed! Horay! This mean better things for lovian governemtn and politics and just makes it plain more exicting! I love it in a recent poll, 98% of Lovians supported the 2011 State Reform which changed a few thing alot, than the 2010 State Reform which only had 87% support from Lovians, both great numbers tho. Smaller parties are getting farer representation in congress since the congress will be so huge! 100 Members which will mean different views will be allowed in congress. Thomas Bale, founder of the Progressive Conservative Party and school board member, said in a statement "This will allow our voters a voice and a chance to be heard! I promise at least three seats!" On a sidenote campaign promises are always hard to keep. The NPO chairwomen said in a joint statement, "We will be represented in congress for the first time. Oceana will have a true voice." We'll keep you posted! Marcus/Michael Villanova 12:16, May 30, 2011 (UTC)

State Reform is in the first chamber, Oceana Derby 2011 starts, Umbrella Corporation wants to make a second you

Marcus Started the convo, but it ended with Krobsky proposing a well-written reform plan to alter the face of Lovia for the better, call your congressman and tell him to vote "Pro" on the bill. Oceana Derby 2011 begins today, it was planned by Marcus this time with three teams, FK Swat Lews, Scotland FC, Sheckin Lads. Also there's lacrosse on tonight. In other news Scribner's Umbrella Corporation wants to start a factory to start cloning people. Serious or not this is still a big technological advance, but will alway be met with christian backlash. Mr. Blaca was quoted saying "...I always wanted a Mini-me"' Reporting Marcus/Michael Villanova 11:38, May 27, 2011 (UTC)

State Reform 2011 is planned, LSCA is going to be reformed

State reform has been started! Started by PM Marcus Villanova, his plan would grow congress, and include many power changes in Lovia, Krobsky has made a mimicing plan with other changes in article 1A, but still includes a 100 person congress. Also LSCA comissioner Marcus has said in a statement "Soccer will be reformed into a much smaller league, Rugby, and Curling will also be changed, byut watch out for a lacrosse season maybe upon the way." Marcus/Michael Villanova 19:12, May 22, 2011 (UTC)

Nine people for MOTC, one for PM

With PM Villanova saying the congress with have 10 MOTC, nine elected it seems everything will be fine. But with only one PM proposed candidate will anyone challange him? CPL.nm and SDP might form a coalition to get their members elected. Reporting Marcus/Michael Villanova 16:03, May 14, 2011 (UTC)

More Poll Results show SDP-CPL.nm Early leaders more poll results to come

PoP projected

New polls show CPL.nm and SDP very close in polls

With new polls out still showing that the progressive parties from the left of the SDP and CPL.nm have stayed strong. Nathaniel and Marcus have set out to work on Lovia's first tax plan and have been working out a moderate progressive approach. Also in other news Marcus has added "Amish Nationalist" to his list of political issues. Reporting Marcus/Michael Villanova 01:18, May 12, 2011 (UTC)

Early Polls show Abrahams, Villanova Leaders, Progressives still in power

Early projection of Nova Times PM race

Straw poll results for frequent voters

In a recent polls shown for PM progressives Abrahams and PM Villanova keep there ground in the lead. Conservatives and far-righters Ilava and blaca would poll a point or two bellow the main progressive candidates and considering the fact talks are coming around for a SDP-CPL.nm coalition a re-election for Villanova would probaly occur. Reporting Marcus/Michael Villanova 22:35, May 11, 2011 (UTC)

May 2011 Census shows Lovian population down 3,000 people

With the census done, Lovians not very happy, the numbers don't lie. Somehow in the last few years with all that went on 3,000 people dissapeared. More on this issue on the way to show reasons why Lovians left. Marcus/Michael Villanova 00:11, May 8, 2011 (UTC)

Amish Kinley check up!

As we've reported in the past (check the archives) Amish Kinley is a very quaint place to live. The all white-amish based community is very peaceful as we checked up on our good friend John Amman. We helped Amman conduct a community census that put the amish at 235 citizens with, on the political side, 79% CCPLers, 16% were Progressive Christian Partyers, 5% Other mainly from the Conservative Party. The town is thriving as John said "Amish Kinley is never better is feels right, and God is leading us in the right direction." And this maybe good for everyone, with a good crop season last year for the Amish corn and wheat prices went down 1.6% and Lovians are loving it! Reporting Marcus/Michael Villanova 21:19, May 6, 2011 (UTC)

Mariko The Killer Is a must-buy!

No matter what price buy this instant Lovian classic from the insane yet totally amazing mind of Kim Dae-su. The story is about a korean immigrant who is a suspicious smoking drinking man who is always in some sort of adventure in this 472 page bold amazing book which will make you re-think books which and gothic like books. Nova times put the short review in our new book review section which we gave it a 5/5! A great book Reporting Marcus/Michael Villanova 21:14, May 5, 2011 (UTC)

May Day rally gets three arrested, Kim Dae-su arrested.

Workers rejocied at sound of the new composition of the Villanova I Government in which many CPL.nm and SDP workers celebrated all around Lovia. In Sofasi, Marcus Villanova spoke, Yuri Medvedev in Newhaven and Jonathan Frum in Noble City. Tho three people were arrested for Comffitti over all the day was great! Later Asian artist Kim Dae-su was arrested beacuse people called the police for making a disturbance and eating his passport. Oh boy! Reporting Marcus/Michael Villanova 10:47, May 3, 2011 (UTC)

A Beautiful, Lovely, Royal Wedding!!!

Short and sweet:

How much did you Watch?

The poll was created at 15:23 on April 29, 2011, and so far 9 people voted.

Reporting Marcus/Michael Villanova 15:26, April 29, 2011 (UTC)

If you scream and no one hears it does it make a noise?

Lovia is in distress with no leaders since the banning of Magnus, an undemocartic supreme court and a sleeping king. Suspected sockies who are doing strange things and prominent members screaming for help. With no help people are calling for help and in an outcry people are calling for a new governement. Will we see a civil war like in Africa or an agreement made. Time will tell. Reporting Marcus/Michael Villanova 14:28, April 26, 2011 (UTC)

Noelian State Elections in five days, Will there be Lovian State Elections?

The small country of Noel which has many Lovian connections is holding there state elections on April 1st (April fools day) where the progressives are apparently loosing ground in several states while the Smart and Noel Coalitions are battling in Steward State for the Secretary of state role. Numbers show Progressives still have the lead with 34% of all votes, Smart Coalition with 28%, Noel Coalition 23%, and the Christian Coalition with 15%. This all raises a question of our own? Will there be state elections next month here? With very little evidence of that occuring many belive lovia is politically dead right now and won't be having elections for a long time. Marcus Villanova Music is Life.Lean Forward 14:39, March 27, 2011 (UTC)

What to do now?

So what do we do now? Lovia, for the time being is re-acted and up in runing but mainly in part to the reaction of the undemocratic trial verdict which might in part to personal reasons, Donia though just layed down and died. Congress is still dead and Abrahams seems to be the only active one at this time, in my opinion we were stupid all of us, Jefferson for the verdict, I and others for the inactivness, Us again for not having a back-up PM, and congress once more for not having a better judical system which again is being worked on by Abrahams. It may be to early but Abrahams for PM 2012! Marcus Villanova Music is Life.Lean Forward.PCP 21:51, March 18, 2011 (UTC)

Lovia Dead, Magnus soon to be

Lovia is at a standstill two months into Donia's administration congress is dead. CCPL looks foolish and Donia looks it too. The PM is accused of being a Nazi and there is some proof but yet to be shown to the public. If Donia is prosicuted and it is confirmed what will we do? Hold new PM elections? Donia has denied the accusations so we'll keep you posted. Marcus Villanova Music is Life.Lean Forward.PCP 20:29, March 3, 2011 (UTC)

Case is growing, congress unactive

With a national case including PM Donia and his cronies but with a PM totally engulfed in a case, congress is left unactive and nothing is going on. Christian Latin has yelled "Bias" to Mr. Jefferson for voting for the Fire Arms act which put this law into effect. Donia looks, as always, tough but might be shaken when his brigade is shut down. Marcus Villanova Music is Life.Lean Forward.PCP 11:37, February 11, 2011 (UTC)

Sports back in action as congress is very unactive.

At one point the CCPL was in the head of the elections and doing fine but now look a bit foolish. Understanding that people have previous obligations and such is understandable but for a week nothing has occured. Donia appointed himself to Justice which has raised some to be a bit odded out and in any case the CCPL only got three seat in Congress and is looking at a 6 person coalition with jefferson, Villanova, and Galahad considered Liberal/Progressive. In the meantime Villanova and Abrahams have constructed some timeframes and more things for the 2011 sports season, which looks great, like more soccer, rugby, curling, and other new sports like baseball and cricket. Reporting Marcus Villanova Music is Life.Lean Forward.PCP 23:20, February 6, 2011 (UTC)

You can win some of it but not all of it

After a CCPL victory was said by Magnus, Ilava, and Hannis they forgot one thing, They only control 1/4 of congress. Tho Magnus has comprimised a pretty even government, it may be to even. CPL.nm and Walden have a 6 seat coalition, with PCP and LAP with one seat. Add Liberal Jefferson you have 9 Liberals/Progressives. CCPL is greatly out numbered and are looking in the weak. A PM celebration was short and should be. Reporting Marcus Villanova Music is Life.Lean Forward.PCP20:28, January 28, 2011 (UTC) Elections near end: What will happen?

With the Conservative Christians winning 4 seats in this election they easily won it big! The CPL.nm with three seats but just enough votes to get by. Walden got two seats with also minimum support, but both LAP, PCP, and Jefferson with one seat finishing off congress. What is expected is a Christian Coalition vs. the Progressive Coalition which will fight it out throughout the year. Round One begins Febuary 1st! Here are the current Election Results:

  • Ygo August Donia - 20 points
  • Yuri Medvedev - 15 points
  • Christian Latin - 13 points
  • Oos Wes Ilava - 13 points
  • Jon Johnson - 12 points
  • Justin Abrahams - 12 points
  • Edward Hannis - 11 points
  • Arthur Jefferson - 11 points
  • Percival E. Galahad - 11 points
  • Andy McCandless - 11 points
  • Marcus Villanova - 10 points (DANGER)
  • Aylssa C. Red - 9 points (DANGER)
  • Martha Van Ghent - 9 points (DANGER)

Reporting Marcus Villanova Music is Life.Lean Forward.PCP19:35, January 22, 2011 (UTC)
Dimi says "Sorry" as Donia is closer to winning! King Dimitri said sorry about some election talks and comments made about the heated elections that have really been on fire latley. Walden will only get two people in as Percival got out and over 10 votes. Walden's Andy is definitley in but if there smart will get Martha Van Ghent in as she's helping out Sylvania alot latley. What happened just recently is that CPL.nm might loose Aylssa due to her inavtive role call in congress with only 9 points which is now the red line. What has to happen is somone from the 9 points retreat so the other two can become higher in the election standings. Here are the latest stats, with DANGER meaning if they're on the verge of losing there seat:

  • Ygo August Donia - 17 points
  • Yuri Medvedev - 14 points
  • Christian Latin - 13 points
  • Edward Hannis - 13 points
  • Oos Wes Ilava - 13 points
  • Percival E. Galahad - 11 points
  • Jon Johnson - 10 points
  • Marcus Villanova - 10 points
  • Andy McCandless - 10 points
  • Aylssa C. Red - 9 points (DANGER)
  • Arthur Jefferson - 9 points (DANGER)
  • Justin Abrahams - 9 points (DANGER)
  • Martha Van Ghent - 9 points (DANGER)

Reporting Marcus Villanova Music is Life.Lean Forward.PCP 19:51, January 17, 2011 (UTC)

As Marcus leaves Walden as they sharpley decline

After giving a heartfelt speech about the times Marcus Villanova had while in Walden, they party fell. The party without Villanova is sorta unactive and took all support out from Villanova and he did the same giving them a freefall from the polls. His new party is a rare Progressive-Christian Party basically called the Progressive Christian Party or PCP. The party is said to "strive for the common man". While Walden had a reaction in a nice manner they pulled out all there support, with Marcus doing the same and saying "Wow People turn on you really fast..." With that they only member of Walden making it to congress might be Justin Abrahams! Since then the CCPL and PCP have given each other large suppport and help. Here are the current standings in the race, with Donia stil in the lead for PM with four Major votes:

  • Ygo August Donia - 14 points
  • Yuri Medvedev - 14 points
  • Christian Latin - 11 points
  • Oos Wes Ilava - 10 points
  • Marcus Villanova - 10 points
  • Edward Hannis - 9 points
  • Aylssa C. Red - 9 points
  • Jon Johnson - 9 points
  • Arthur Jefferson - 9 points
  • Percival E. Galahad - 9 points
  • Justin Abrahams - 8 points
  • Andy McCandless - 7 points
  • Martha Van Ghent - 7 points

Reporting - Marcus Villanova Music is Life.Lean Forward.Walden 20:27, January 15, 2011 (UTC)

A Donia Government?

In the last day Donia took the lead for PM with 16 points. The CCPL quickly said that they didn't want a PM in the position but very smartly re-asigned there votes so the could force the red line even higher and get all four candidates elected. Reporting Marcus Villanova Music is Life.Lean Forward.Walden 21:01, January 14, 2011 (UTC)

Election update: With a come back the progressives take the lead!

The first few days it looked like a small voter trunout with the conservatives leading. But since alot of inactives and other people have been voting from both sides but now with the progressives doing really well. The MCP's Bart K dropped out, making the MCP's first election a bust. LAP's Swayer dropped out but percy will get re-elected so a sorta good election. CCPL did really well tho with all four unscaved and getting elected. CPL.nm with a candidate blocked for a year and a very unactive Aylssa getting re-elected. but with both progressive parties doing okay they'll have to form a coalition which was disscussed before the elections. Here are the current point standings.

  • Yuri Medvedev - 14
  • Oos Wes Ilava - 12
  • Ygo August Donia - 12
  • Jon Johnson - 9
  • Andy McCandless - 9
  • Marcus Villanova - 9
  • Martha Van Ghent - 9
  • Christan Latin - 8
  • Edward Hannis - 8
  • Alyssa C. Red - 8
  • Arthur Jefferson - 8
  • Percival E. Galahad - 7
  • Justin Abrahams - 6

What it seems like is that Justin won't get in. Making it that there'll be eight progressives/liberals between the CPL.nm/Walden/Arthur/LAP and Four CCPL candidates. Reporting Marcus Villanova Music is Life.Lean Forward.Walden 22:52, January 13, 2011 (UTC)

Elections heat up and died so fast!

In the first few days the elections looked active and fast with the CCPL and CPL.nm winning. But in the following days with a CPL.nm candidate arrested and banned for a year the elections have cooled down, alot. With most of the election results in, with all of CCPL candidates winning. Then there's LAP who will get Percival in and Arthur Jefferson a supporter of the party. The CPL.nm will get two elected with Yuri as PM, and also Walden will get three elected, with Justin left out. In total 12 including the King, if the PM decides for 13 it will up for grabs probaly between CPL.nm and Walden. Marcus Villanova Music is Life.Lean Forward.Walden 19:22, January 8, 2011 (UTC)

Follow up: Drabo is Pierlot too!

Marcus Villanova Music is Life.Lean Forward.Walden 21:06, January 7, 2011 (UTC)

Secret Source is Magnus: Pierlot banned for one year!

This is the entire story from begining to end. About one month ago a very scared Magnus (and he's never scared he has giant balls of steel Smile) was scared and said "I can't openly come out aginst McCrooke, he has personal information on me and will blackmail me." Then I, encouraged him to start an investagation and to come out and expose him. He did. He started a wikia wide investagation in which after about a month of investagating found peirlot to be, Many sockpupets wikia wide, which migh or might not include Drabo. Also tons of vandalism reports and other reports. In result Magnus was done with Pierlot and in result Pierlot is banned for one year from all wikias. We'll see him in 2012! Reporting ground-braking news from Marcus Villanova Music is Life.Lean Forward.Walden 20:54, January 7, 2011 (UTC)

Secret Source Tells NT: "I'm gonna start a trial against McCrooke!"

In a conversation, with a nameless sourse, about a possible blackmail between the nameless source and McCrooke. The source said and quote "I can't say much since he's been blackmailing me with information about my private life." The source also stated in a later conversation: "I'm ready to go to trial! I will try to get him for blackmail and that coup." He also went on to state that all info would be released in an upcoming trial against McCrooke. Marcus Villanova Music is Life.Lean Forward.Walden 00:10, January 5, 2011 (UTC)

First Post of Year: CCPL Strong in Polls, Ygo PM?

With the first day into elections voter turn out was very high wit the CCPL already having three out of four members elected but with no outside support. CPL.nm did okay with Yuri near re-election, and other members with little or no support. LAP and MCP have gotten no support. Then Waldenwithmediumsupportallaround, with Marcus in the lead with four but Martha and Andy with three points. In the PM race It's a five way race with Oos and Ygo in the lead! Ygo you say? Yeah surprising but you never know! Next are the poeple with one vote Yuri, Aylssa (also surprising), and Martha. Keeping you posted Marcus Villanova Music is Life.Lean Forward.Walden 18:38, January 1, 2011 (UTC)

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