Nothing The Black Celebration

Nothing The Black Celebration on stage, while opening for Harsh Noise Accelerator in 2013.

Nothing The Black Celebration (usually abbreviated to NtBC) is a dark ambient project founded by Lovian producers Kevin Oldfield (Hatemachine) and Trevor Whitby (Night Switch) in 1995. The musicians are signed to the independent label Dynamic Noise since 1995 and have released a couple of EPs and albums on that label, as well as a studio album on Warped Records.

Nothing The Black Celebration traces its origins to the Lovian metal scene. The two were part of the Lovian extreme metal scene, based in the states of Kings, Seven and Clymene. Hatemachine played bass guitar in the Lovian black metal band Aódhan Damir, when he met Night Switch of the Kings-based band Astral Hate. Increasingly dissatisfied with the musical output of the bands they played in, they decided to record an EP together using only synthesizers in 1994, which was released by Dynamic Noise in 1995.

Nothing The Black Celebration employs distorted, tremolo-picking guitar riffs, blast-beat drumming, artificial lo-fi recording aesthetics, harsh vocals and abrasive bass sounds.

In 2012, they released GhE, a collaborative project with synthpop duo Konikaami no Konikaami.

Nothing The Black Celebration produced and acted in the movie together with the members of Konikaami no Konikaami and Hyperkids Melody in 2013.

Kevin Oldfield is also involved in TODΔY'S ΔNGST, together with Oceana-based singer-songwriter Lorelei.

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