Northern Wine Region (Oceana: Nortni Weenke) is one of the rural districts of the state of Oceana. Its capital is Sternaw. Other settlements are Cold Hill and Heighnow. The district has a total population of 298 inhabitants.

Demographics Edit

According to the 2014 census, the racial make-up of the Northern Wine Region was 298 white (100%); ethnically there were 213 Oceana (71,5%), 43 Lovians (14,4%), 36 Slovaks (12,1%), 4 Poles (1,3%), and 2 Limburgish people (1%). The first-language distribution was recorded as 183 English (61,4%), 100 Oceana (33,6%), 13 Slovak (4,4%) and 2 Limburgish (1%). The distribution of religious affiliations was 239 Roman Catholic (80,2%), 14 United Protestant (4,7%) and 45 with no religious affiliation (15,1%).

Economy Edit

According to the 2013 census, the working population is 162 (57,7%), of which 47 have no registrated jobs (29%) and 5 are unemployed (3,1%).

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